All Terrain Lego Pard

For a contest on Imperium der Steine, Legopard has fused the AT-AT with his leopard avatar, creating the AT-LP. I think he’s done a great job deciding which shapes of each to use, as you can still clearly see the recognizable AT-AT elements, but it also definitely feels more animalistic, with the curvature of the legs, the more organic pose, and of course the tail and ears. The shaping of the head, in particular, looks very much like an angular interpretation of a leopard’s, but the prominent angles also roughly line up with those of the AT-AT. Also have to love the greebles on the top, which Legopard makes to look fitting despite the fact that they aren’t there on the AT-AT, and the Rebel that’s been flattened into the snow.

On a somewhat related note, I wish Apple had continued with their operating system naming scheme, because now I want a Mac OS X All Terrain Legopard.


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