Speeder Bikes by James zhan

So these are a bit old — flickr says taken in December 2012, MOCpages says posted in January 2013. But they caught my eye because I was going through all the different categories of Star Wars entries on MOCpages checking for new additions (MOCpages as a boggling number of categories so some of them literally have not been used in months, years even, which is how this MOC ended up near the top.), and I saw these great speeder bikes which had…two comments. But the photos had a little watermark in the corner, so I Googled that, and found the MOC on flickr with…two comments by other users. And I decided that despite the age, these models needed more exposure. So now you know why a six-month-old MOC is being blogged and how I found it.

Anyways, the model: I’ve built a fair number of 74-Zs myself, so I know it’s difficult to capture all the angles and curves and details in that size. James zhan has made his a big bigger — about Miniland-scale, I think — and that’s allowed him to use those curved slopes in front, and all those different angles in the back. It’s not that these things are impossible to represent fairly accurately at minifig scale, because they certainly are. But at this scale, everything combines for a beautiful model that doesn’t look like compromises in accuracy had to be made, which in turn makes the model that much more pleasing to look at.


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