Fighting the Dark Forces with a Moldy Crow

Dark Forces was the first first-person shooter that I owned, and it was pretty much the only one that interested me until Battlefront came along, so I’ve always been interested in creations related to the Moldy Crow and its owner, Kyle Katarn. (Who came along early enough that he’s not cliche even though he’s an example of the ‘badass rogue Force-sensitive mercenary’.) Now, in part because the ship was created as 3D model for a 1995 video game, it might appear to be somewhat simple. But look more closely at this MOC by Suboken Project, and notice the SNOT work in the engines, the skillful blending of Technic with System along the underside, and the little details like the printed flags in front of the engine pods and the door pieces that add texture to the top.
Moldy Crow details, by Suboken Project, on MOCpages


6 thoughts on “Fighting the Dark Forces with a Moldy Crow

  1. WOW! I’m excited you’ve enjoyed checking out my version of The Moldy Crow. And, thank you so much for sharing my MOC on your blog. If the pieces were available, I would give it another shot using Dark Tan as the primary color. As it turns out, LEGO hasn’t produced some of the brick types I would prefer to use in Dark Tan (yet). Thank you again!

    • Ah, that makes sense. Someone in our forum commented on the fact that orange isn’t the most accurate color. I like it, though. Star Wars is full of so many greys and blacks and desaturated browns, so slightly exaggerating the color and brightening things up is a refreshing change.

      • The pictures were taken in direct sunlight, so the Dark Orange bricks look more like standard Orange LEGO. I based the color on a schematic illustration found via A greyish Moldy Crow would disappear on my shelf next to my other LEGO:SW builds. So, I’m happy with the Dark Orange results. However, there’s a part of me that is curious to see how Dark Tan would look. LEGO Creator: Expert is about to release the Sydney Opera House which uses a healthy amount of Dark Tan. I’m hoping the pieces I need will be released inside that set.

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