Spend a Day at markus1984’s Star Wars Zoo…

…where Ewoks belong in captivity, where Rancors eat Gungans, and where the Darth Vader helps scoop the Bantha poop.

markus1984’s Star Wars Zoo does a great job of almost whimsically interpreting the concept of the ‘Star Wars Zoo’. Yes, there are canon zoos and other animal exhibits in the Star Wars EU, but the concept still seems to be one conceived in jest rather than something that has a connotation of seriously being something that fits into Star Wars, to me. This MOC seems to have the best of both worlds, including the jokes but doing so within a structure that looks very Star Wars-ish.

And of course there’s the pure building skill in this build, too. The Rancor and Banthas are beautifully sculpted. The greebling is tastefully done. And the landscaping is perfectly integrated into the mechanical, used-universe constuction.


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