Good shot, Janson!

We evidently missed this the first time Fuppylodders posted it. Luckily, he had a beautiful shot taken of it by MinifigsandBricks, and his update to the thread ensured we wouldn’t miss it twice. Drawing from the models by cavegod and Brickplumber, this diorama is the result of Fuppylodders solution for making an unstable model suitable for showing at conventions, plus it makes it different from most of the many other minifig-scale AT-ATs out there. (I think there was one crashed AT-AT at this scale in Brickplumber’s diorama, but I don’t recall any others. Nope, Brickplumber alerted me to the fact that he doesn’t have one.) He’s got a great writeup on the build process in the MOC thread on EB, too.


3 thoughts on “Good shot, Janson!

  1. Very nice, I did not have a crashed walker in my MOC before it crashed and somewhat died. maybe if I rebuild it I will add one. I really like this build

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