Azure Angel vs. Ginivex Starfighter

There are plenty of vehicles that debuted in the original Clone Wars TV series which have been popular subjects for MOCs, and while I think the ARC Trooper’s Rancor Gunship has drawn the lion’s share of the attention, the Azure Angel remains a fan favorite. Gunner has done a great job building the fighter within the constraints of LDD, while still managing to compact the design compared to the average MOC of the Delta-7. To go along with it, he’s also built the Ginivex-class ‘fanblade’ starfighter.

And in addition to the beautiful renders created using LDD2PovRay, you’ve got to love how he’s imitated the animation style of space battles from the original TV series with his editing:
LDD Azure Angel vs. Ginivex Starfighter, by Gunner


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