Are Star Wars MOC builders becoming a dying breed?

^ WIP MOC by cavegod
With TLG’s having stepped up their game in the past couple of years with their latest renditions of iconic Star Wars vehicles and scenes, and with MOCs often requiring a lot of time and money, are we seeing less and less of Star Wars MOCs, at least on EB? Do you get the impression that TLG’s sets and other builders’ outstanding MOCs have made it impossible to build something new and exciting? Perhaps you’ve decided to try out building in another theme and haven’t had the resources to build Star Wars at the same time? Join the discussion on EB.


One thought on “Are Star Wars MOC builders becoming a dying breed?

  1. It’s a sad day indeed that the great HJR himself would ask such a question as this.

    I find many of the points raised here quite painful to swallow, mainly because of how valid they are. The interests of the SWAFOL fandom have indeed been gravitating more towards minifigures for the past several years, and the giants of the MOCing community do in fact seem intimidating to new members, especially considering the vehemence with which I and certain others have expressed our concern to maintain quality in our creations.

    Fortunately, such obstacles have yet to seriously keep our MOCing interests to deteriorate to the point that we become a dying breed. I’m given hope by the fact that Eurobricks has expressed in the past genuine enthusiasm about MOCing in spite of the growing prices, minifigure obsession, elitism, and other issues that have come up. Brickdoctor’s T-47 and marshal_banana’s celebrated X-wing were unveiled after battle packs had been going strong for three years and when eye-popping detail had begun to blur the line between minifigure and action figure. Come 2011, leg printing became standard and we had received a bastardized pseudo-UCS with playset interior along with our umpteenth Hoth set (and a terrible one at that), yet marshal_banana’s sandcrawler, KielDaMan’s UCS LAAT/i, and the first of ACPin’s community builds all happened.

    New techniques are being developed, new parts are being released, and new builders are always stepping onto the MOCing scene. Moreover, AFOLs like Chris Deck that have consistently provided instructions to their creations have ascertained the further evolution of our standards and growth of our enthusiasm by providing ever-more solid foundations for less experienced MOCers to build upon. In the past few months alone, I’ve seen a number of creations that took obviously overdone subjects and (in my opinion) reinvented them: an X-wing that took Mike Psiaki’s groundbreaking model and made it even sleeker; a Slave I more curvaceous and true to the source material than any I’ve seen before; what I can only describe as the best Y-wing since Flail’s.

    This is an exciting time for Star Wars MOCers. The last few years have bore witness to some truly amazing creations. We can only become greater.

    Keep on bricking, everyone.

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