The Clone Wars Review: To Catch A Jedi

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What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: This arc continues strong as Ahsoka tries to prove her innocence. Barris is now helping her, but how did she know where Letta got the nano droids from? And who was that woman who attacked Ahsoka disguised as Ventress? The mystery is getting bigger and bigger, which is great. Plus I thought it was pretty funny how that little kid saved Ahsoka’s life by just activating the emergency break on the elevator.
CloneyO: Hooray, another semi-unpredictable plot! Besides for the warehouse being some sort of trap, I really saw very little coming in this episode. Lots of nice, motivated action too, keeping the episode exciting. Sure, the ending didn’t feel like a huge mystery; the mystery we’re left with is more what will become of Ahsoka.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
Posted ImageOky: It was interesting to see Ahsoka and Ventress team up. While they’re very different characters, they do seem to have some things in common. There was an interesting chemistry between them, and I like how they constantly develop Ventress’ character (who was sporting a new bounty hunter outfit). There were also some minor new characters such as the Coruscant Underworld police officers who looked pretty cool.
CloneyO: Somehow, this episode starred two characters (Ventress and Ahsoka) who were nearly unwatchable when the show premiered and now has them both being dynamic and excellent. At first I was a little thrown off with Wolff leading Shock Troopers, though I then remembered that he’s Plo’s Clone. It was cool to see some differentiation between fighting ability in the Clones too.

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What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Oky: It was neat to see more of the lower levels of Coruscant as it kind of served as an introduction to the main setting of the upcoming videogame Star Wars 1313 and the live action TV series Star Wars Underworld (if it ever takes off). There was a new vehicle too, the Republic Police Gunship, which looked like a mix between a police helicopter and a TIE Fighter. I’m not a big fan of this ship and feel it was kind of pointless.
CloneyO: The overall underworld setting was fantastic and expertly animated. While I thought the little cat things were cute, they didn’t feel very Star Wars, but whatever. Totally agreed with Oky that the new dropship or whatever was totally pointless and ugly.

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Oky’s Rating: 5/5 – I think this episode was just as good as the previous one. It had some nice action scenes and moved the plot along a little bit, but not too much so that you still want to see the next episode. I have a pretty good idea already about who is behind all this, but no one can be 100% sure at this point, and that’s what makes these episodes so great, that they keep you guessing until the end. The writing is strong in this one!
CloneyO’s Rating: 5/5 – Another great episode. I’m writing this review having already seen the finale, but this was still a great one on its own.


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