The Clone Wars Review: Eminence

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What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: This episode was just an introduction into this new arc. Maul and Savage join Death Watch and go around the galaxy enlisting the help of other criminal organizations in order to build an army. Other than that, not much happened; it was basically just a montage of conversations/battles between Death Watch and criminals. It had a nice dark tone to it though, and it could have been even a bit darker if Cartoon Network wouldn’t have censored a certain scene.
CloneyO: While I’d usually rail against episodes where nothing happens, this one I loved. Besides for the awkward Black Sun scene which didn’t really work on any level, this episode overall dynamically set the stage for the next couple episodes to come. Though it was a montage, the Maul-Viszla relationship developed throughout, which will hopefully go somewhere in the rest of this arc. Given the sheer magnitude of the assault that Maul hopes to pull off, an entire episode dedicated to the formation of his forces seems worthwhile, especially given the character developments. For the first time in a long while on this show, this episode really whet my palate for the next part of the story.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
Posted ImageOky: Darth Maul was actually pretty cool in this episode. He killed quite a lot of people and he always had this ominous feel about him every time he was on screen. There was also some nice tension between him and Pre Vizsla. He still talks a bit too much though, and I’m not sure if I like that he is so much shorter now with his new legs. There were several new characters among the criminals they recruited, including the leaders of the Black Sun and the Pykes, neither of which I liked very much. I don’t know who is more stupid: the Black Sun who thought they could oppose the Sith, or the Pykes who came to them and joined them willingly. Which is too bad because the Black Sun seemed pretty cool in the EU. Oh well. Embo and his pet wolf were in it too, and that’s always a good thing.
CloneyO: The leading characters had great stuff going on. Pre Viszla seemed so evil every time he popped up before, but now he became almost a sympathetic character since Maul took the ‘most evil’ spot. Both sides’ double-cross plans were also fun to see. Maul himself doesn’t seem much like the Maul in Phantom Menace, but I don’t mind because the show has still turned him into an evil BA. Besides, he wasn’t masterminding anything in Phantom Menace in most of the scenes, and he does talk a bit in the one scene with him and Sidious. Having him talk a lot here isn’t so bad. As for the side characters, there wasn’t much to make of them. It was the narrative of the Black Sun scene that failed, not so much the characters. The Hutts and Pykes were neither here nor there.

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What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Oky: Along with the new characters, there were also several new locations and vehicles. Zanbar, the planet where the Death Watch have now set up their camp, was very, uhm, blue and therefore suited the Death Watch well. The Black Sun facility on Mustafar was interesting as it looked different from any Mustafar facilities we’ve seen previously. Gardulla the Hutt’s Palace was just another palace, but at least it was different from Jabba’s. And Jabba’s Palace is always a pleasure to return to. The crime syndicates had some new ships as well, but nothing really stuck out.
CloneyO: The animation of the planets in this episode struck me as especially well developed. Each planet had its own color scheme, which made them easy to follow and kept the episode visually interesting. This show, which started out with such poor animation, has really come a long way.

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Oky’s Rating: 3/5 – This episode just sets up the next arc. It had some nice action, a dark tone, and lots of different new things to see. However, the new characters were kind of dumb, and aside from all the galaxy’s criminals joining forces, not much happened. The goods balance out the bads, so it’s just a big meh for me. The arc seems promising though, so I’m curious to see where it goes.
CloneyO’s Rating: 5/5 – This was as dynamic an episode as I’ve seen in a long time on The Clone Wars, and technically nothing even ‘happened!’ But in a sense, a lot happened, since this episode strongly developed exposition for the events to come. Unlike in the other arcs this season, where I barely care what happens from one episode to the next, this episode actually got me excited for the next one.


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