The Clone Wars Review: Point of No Return

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What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: This one was actually pretty good. We finally find out what the Separatists were planning exactly and everything made sense again. We now even know why Grievous was boarding the Venator in the younglings arc; to capture it for this plot. I guess he must have captured another one. And the incredible explosion at the end even showed why they needed rhydonium for this plan; because it’s powerful enough to blow up an entire space station. The only thing that still doesn’t make sense is that the Republic knows what rhydonium is even though they don’t have any information about Abafar, but oh well.
Masked Builder:  Again, this was a very predictable plot to me and wasn’t to exciting.  But it was cool to see blast doors in the Venator.
Clone O’Patra: Besides for the first episode in the arc, this episode was definitely the best one in a while. Like Filoni himself said in the featurette for this one, it feels good to be back on a Venator, in known territory. Even if the module that was the point of the Droids’ entire mission wasn’t explained, at least this episode involved a Separatist plot to harm the Republic, which actually has to do with the titular war. Sure, there were some flaws in the logic of the events and there was the regular nonsensical inability of the Battle Droids to hit something that’s right in front of them, but overall had stakes and a bit of heroism that, for once, mattered. And wow, what an explosion.

Posted ImageWhat are your thoughts on the Characters?
Oky: Not only did this have a good plot, but it had lots of good character moments as well. Gascon finally treats the droids with some respect and starts caring for something other than his promotion. There were also some cute Republic droids and the Buzz Droids made their Clone Wars debut. But one thing is for sure: R2 was awesome in this episode! The way he chased the Buzz droid through the corridors of the Venator like Iron Man, established a perimeter around his squad, and took on the tactical droid all on his own was just beyond cool. Why did we need all those other droids again?
Masked:  We didn’t see anything super new this week.  The republic droids were nice to see, and as well as getting their first speaking parts.  I forgot how cool Buzz droids are, they really swarmed in this episode.
Posted ImageCoP: The Buzz Droids were awesome this time around. They’ve always been a good design for an enemy droid, but here they were transformed into scary insects; there’s little scarier in everyday life than swarms of insects. Bunny, the Republic droid, was a bit annoying, but I could get past it. I haven’t liked the super commander droid much since it was introduced, and I still wish the regular commander droid would come back instead. Tarkin made a fun bit appearance.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Oky:  The space station was pretty neat, especially knowing that it originates from the Star Tours ride. And that explosion was quite spectacular. The way all that debris hit the space station was very well executed.
Masked:  The space station was quite cool.  All of the little divisions and platforms, but it still kept an orderly look to it.
CoP: The space station for the conference was fun; nice to see a type of Republic war technology that’s not just another unnecessary ship (like the weird cargo-outfitted Republic Shuttle).

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Oky’s Rating: 5/5 – It wasn’t the best episode of the series, but it had a good plot that was relevant to the war and tied up lots of loose ends, some nice character development, and some great R2-action. This arc in general felt very drawn out, but I think that was intentional in order to make us feel the ordeal that D-Squad went through. This episode gave a satisfying end to this arc. But maybe I’m just glad to finally see some clones and Jedi again. I never thought I’d miss Anakin this much.
Masked’s Rating: 2/5 – This episode didn’t do much for me, but it was nice to see R2 having some good action scenes.
CloneyO’s Rating: 4.5/5 – Clone Wars hasn’t gotten back to the level of engaging plots it had going for it in Seasons 1 and 2, but this one was still pretty fun. Now that they have the capability to animate something as great as the explosion, they should employ those skills to tell truly great stories. Maybe the upcoming Maul arc can deliver that.


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