The Clone Wars Review: A Sunny Day In The Void

A Sunny Day In The Void

What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: What’s worse than getting lost in a desert? Getting lost in a desert with an annoying pit droid and no way of telling where you’re going or where you have been. That’s basically all this episode is about, just a what-if scenario, much like one from a Twilight Zone episode, except this one had a happy end. Other than that, the plot was about as void as the planet they were on. The story didn’t move forward at all, but sometimes an interesting premise is all you need to have an enjoyable episode, and I think this episode proves it. It was very character driven and had some interesting statements, such as that military training is very much like programming robots, that people are flawed, and that hope is sometimes all you have. It even got quite philosophical at one point when Gascon theorizes about life being a void that we try to fill. This episode was surprisingly dark and mature, giving it a heavy contrast to the whimsical and up-beat previous episode, and I was very grateful for that.
Clone O’Patra: Two words describe this episode: absolutely useless. Nothing happened, nothing moved forward, just nothing. All we got was bickering and typical in-your-face-obvious ‘messages’ relating to characters that were unimportant in the first place. I am 100% confident that we could watch the previous episode and the upcoming episode in the arc back-to-back, skipping this one, and miss absolutely nothing. Either the show should just start having less episodes per season, or come up with actually useful episodes instead of including this pointless filler.
Brickdoctor: Cloney O’ basically said what I think of this episode. The ship crashed in the first scene and then the characters spent the rest of the episode essentially doing nothing but moving across a featureless desert. I’m not sure I can offer any other comments on the plot because it felt almost like there wasn’t any plot at all.
Masked Builder: What can I say that hasn’t already been said? This episode made less sense than the last. That featureless desert got old fast. I had enough of that from Tatioone.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
Oky: I didn’t really like Gascon as much in this episode than in the last. He seemed to have learned nothing from his previous adventure with the droids as he still treated them like crap and kept trying to prove that he is superior to them, but as his conversations with WAC showed, he is much more flawed than them, both physically and mentally. But you could really feel his despair and couldn’t help but feel sorry for the little guy. WAC-47 was still annoying due to his incredible optimism, but not as much as in the previous episode, and he actually had a point in being there this time. His conversations with the colonel aided in speeding up Gascon’s descend to madness and ultimately realizing that he can’t always rely on his training. They also provided some comic relief, without which this episode would have been much too depressing for the younger viewers. What I liked about it is that it didn’t rely on silly slapstick humor like in the previous episode, but rather on dark humor with WAC constantly making causal remarks about the colonel eventually dying or suggesting he might commit suicide, which was quite fitting to the tone of this episode and actually had me laughing a few times. Not only did WAC’s humor see a big change in this episode, but his character as well. He went from seeing Gascon as a role model to viewing him as a weaker being who is unfit to lead their squad and trying to prove that he is more than just a pilot, which he achieved in the end. R2 had some great moments here too, like when he tried to fix the ship and saved his fellow astromechs or when he defied Gascon’s orders in order to get the mission done.
Cloney: The characters were about the same to me as they were last time. I liked them just fine. But did I need to see Gascon grow as a being, etc? No. I’ll accept episodes with a lot of character development for our main show characters, or any Jedi, or even Clones, but not just random robots and useless generals. Especially given the fact that the entire episode was exclusively character development…
Doc: The previous episode had the annoying pit droid and the annoying alien colonel. So, let’s take the annoying colonel and throw him onto a desert planet and make him hallucinate. Then, let’s have the annoying colonel promote the annoying pit droid so that the annoying pit droid becomes a combination of the annoying pit droid and the annoying colonel. Also, let’s send all the Astromechs away for a good portion of the episode so that we can concentrate on nothing but the annoying pit droid and the annoying colonel. The fans are gonna love it!
Masked: The hallucinating was pretty predictable to me. That pit droid is annoying, but they’re supposed to be.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Oky: Considering that most of the episode was about a planet with nothing on it, there were still a few interesting things in it. One thing that I found odd is that Hyperspace turned red as the shuttle got closer to the comet shower. Hyperspace has always been the same until now, so why did change here? The comet swarm itself was pretty cool looking, though, and reminded me of the original Star Tours ride. The Void, or Abafar as the planet is called, certainly was strange. The white floor along with the orange and ironically sunless sky gave it an eery alien feeling. I guess one could question how there could be light and heat without a sun, and how a planet with nothing on it could even be habitable, but the same could be said about Tatooine and pretty much every other planet in the Star Wars universe, so I wont. The void also seemed to have a mind of its own and send Gascon messages with the old shipwreck and the mirage, almost as if it was trying to teach him a lesson, which just added to the bizarreness of this episode. Those bird-like creatures were kinda neat too.

The Void

Cloney: The sunken town in the void was cool. The ostrich-things were cool too. Completely unrealistic, flat orange-sky white-floor for twenty minutes? Not so cool. I guess they were going for ‘unique,’ but it came off looking more like a sub-par computer game setting. Kind of like that Tanks game.
Doc: I’m going to ignore the red hyperspace so we can concentrate on all the interesting features of the new planet. Oh, wait. Honestly, the planet looked like an unfinished model. It’s just all flat and one color, and the sky is all the same color with no clouds or anything in it. I know Star Wars is (in)famous for having single-biome planets, but this is just ridiculous. Combined with the apparent lack of a plot, this looked not just like a filler episode, but a filler episode that was only half complete.
Masked: Those comets sure looked weird. And how would they affect a ship in hyperspace? You don’t plot a course through them! I am not a fan of that featureless planet at all, but seeing the sunken city was neat. Those birds were odd though. Like skinner cousins of an Ostrich.

Oky’s Rating: 4/5 – This episode took the previously whimsical droid arc into a completely new and serious direction. It had a lot of character development and some good messages. Sure, it didn’t really have a story and had nothing to do with the Clone Wars, but that was kind of the point of this episode. It was an experiment to see what would happen if you took these characters and put them into a situation away from the war and all those Jedi plot lines, and the result is a delightfully dark and bizarre episode that has a fully unique feel to it. They wanted to do something new and interesting, and I think they succeeded. While I wouldn’t want all episodes in this show to be like this, it’s a welcome deviation from the norm, unlike other episodes which tried to do something similar such as the terrible Mortis arc. It’s a strange place for the season to go into a break, but I’m sure we’ll be back to focusing on the war in the next episode, so at least we have something to look forward to.
CloneyO’s Rating: 1/5 – Parts I liked: up to the crash; getting to the town on ostriches. Parts I didn’t like: everything else. If they’d crashed, went off into the desert for a minute tops, made it to the town, and then had whatever happens in the next episode (hopefully something happens), that could’ve been a good episode. Not saying the next part won’t be good anyway, but this wasn’t.
Doc’s Rating: 1/5 – Can I give this a 0/5? Does a filler episode that looks half-complete even deserve a score at all? The whole episode sort of reminded me of the places that Luke and Ben visited while ‘Force-walking’, or whatever it was called, in the Fate of the Jedi (novel) series. Like those scenes in those books, I think that if you took out the obvious Star Wars characters in this episode, you wouldn’t even know it was supposed to be Star Wars.
Masked’s Rating: 2/5 – Like Doc said, can I even rate this episode? There wasn’t much action or much to see for that matter.


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