The Clone Wars Review: Secret Weapons

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What did you think of the Plot?
Clone O’Patra: This episode was absolutely embarrassing to watch for about half. The little colonel guy, the dumb pit droid, the droid doctor who appears to get off retrofitting droids… horrendous. If kids find that funny, I pity them. Once the gang was on the Separatist’s ship, maybe about the time the colonel tried to open the booby-trapped door, the episode became ok. WAC (the pit droid) became a bit useful, the zero gravity fight was pretty but also felt threatening to the heroes (for once), and the rest of the episode was just fine. For once in a Clone Wars arc, something actually happened despite there being more episodes in the same story. We actually got a full story, though the first half of it made me want to poke my eyes out and block up my ears with cotton balls or similar.
Oky: I felt very uncomfortable watching this episode. Is this what Star Wars has been reduced to? Slapstick droid antics, plot holes, and creepy scientists? Because that’s pretty much what I remember from this episode. I could accept the fact the Republic would send an all-droid squad on an important mission because they could easily infiltrate the enemy ship, but who in the right mind thought it would be a good idea to put a pit droid on the team? Supposedly it’s because he’s a pilot and served under Commander Neyo. Since when are pit droids pilots? Besides, R2 has proven on numerous occasions that he can fly ships much larger than the shuttle they used, so they really didn’t need a pilot to begin with. As the commentary for this episode reveals, the real reason for WAC’s inclusion was to have a droid who could speak, but that doesn’t really make sense either because pit droids couldn’t speak in the movies, so how come they can now? But I digress. There was hardly any plot as the droids just go in to get the McGuffin module, fight some battle droids, and get out. Nothing more, nothing less. Is it too much to ask to get a plot that’s intriguing for once? It’s also a mystery how the Jedi knew exactly where to find the module, especially considering that all communication is supposed to be scrambled in that region. And once again, the heroes succeed in their mission only thanks to how stupid the battle droids are. Ugh.
Brickdoctor: The Jedi need a team to infiltrate a cruiser so they pick some astromechs and a pit droid. A pit droid and some astromechs get sent in a ship flown by a pit droid to a Separatist cruiser where a pit droid gets said ship caught in a tractor beam. Then a pit droid goes out in plain sight with some astromechs on a secret mission and everyone ignores the pit droid which is being as conspicuous as all pit droids manage to be. After a pit droid convinces some Super Battle Droids to stay in an elevator, a pit droid helps some astromechs steal some module thing and then a pit droid saves some alien’s life. Then a pit droid pilots the same ship out of the cruiser, and no one bothers to use the tractor beam on the ship with the escaping pit droid in it when the entire cruiser has been alerted to the fact that a pit droid is stealing some module thing. Finally, some astromechs head home with a pit droid. Did I mention that there was a pit droid on a secret mission for the Jedi? Don’t tell me they needed a pilot. They had ARTOO DETOO on the mission.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
Posted ImageCoP: Both the colonel and WAC started off terrible but got better as the episode went on. They both had an actual function in the story, and for once it made sense why the Republic would use them for the mission: the colonel because he’s small and can go inside a droid, and Wak because he can pilot. The idea that droids can act ‘dumb’ is still pretty bad, but it’s easier to buy with a singular droid than it is in a freaking army of droids made for battle! The creepy droid doctor… I just don’t want to think about him and hope he never returns. Got that Filoni? Never again.
Posted ImageOky: The most important new character here was Colonel Meebur Gascon. He seemed like a very stereotypical colonel character at first, but when it was revealed that he was never actually in the field and was really only assigned to this mission because he’s small, he became a much more rounded-out character. WAC-47 was just annoying most of the time, but the character I disliked the most was Doctor Gubacher, the scientist with the stereotypical German accent who upgraded the droids. Not only was he the strangest parody of Q from James Bond that I have ever seen, he was also creepy. I mean REALLY creepy. Just the way he talked made my skin crawl. He seemed inappropriate in a show mainly aimed at kids and I’d be very happy if I never ever see this guy again. We also get to see Commander Neyo for the first time in this show, but instead of doing anything cool, he merely performs a facepalm in embarrassment of his pit droid. So much for clone action in this episode. There was a new super tactical droid too, but he didn’t look nearly as cool as General Kalani and seemed to have a very bad case of Stormtrooper Effect since hePosted Image couldn’t shoot a target that was just inches away from his gun.
Doc: The pit droid was annoying. I said in a previous review that it was better for CW to have unrealistically powerful protagonists than annoyingly underpowered antagonists… this episode is a step backwards in that area. And he makes so much noise that the team should have been caught within minutes of landing. The colonel was annoying. The mad scientist/droid mechanic alien was annoying, and his species still doesn’t look Star Warsy. Also, I agree, he was creepy.

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What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
CoP: I’m not sure if the Separatist ship that the good guys take is new or not. Looks like the big brother of the regular Seppie shuttle, and plenty cool. It’s probably not new, but still cool. Otherwise, not much in the way of locations not seen before, and that’s just fine in my book.
Oky: The shuttle that D-Squad used to infiltrate the dreadnaught was a new kind of Neimoidian shuttle that looks like the Sheathipede-class transport, but with two fins, and it made no sense to be there. First of all, how did the Republic capture it? And how come it’s a model that we have never seen the Separatists use before? It’s never explained. It would have made a lot more sense if it was a regular Sheathipede, like the one that Anakin captured at the end of the season 2 episode Cargo of Doom, but of course they prefer shoehorning a new vehicle into the episode over logic and continuity.
Doc: The only new vehicle I saw was that shuttle, which looks almost like the other shuttles, except it’s not. Because what we really needed was another ship to serve the same purpose as an existing ship. I don’t really care that we don’t know why the Republic has it, though. Jedi (by itself) doesn’t explain where the Rebels got the Tydirium. Sure, it’s nice if we know, but it’s not the most important element of the plot.

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CloneyO’s Rating: 4/5 – This is really tough. As I said, the first half was awful, the second half was good. I feel like rating this episode for the feeling it left me, which was a good one. It was a whole episode; even though there’s more to the story, something actually happened in this episode. By the end, I liked the characters, and I look forward to seeing them again next time.
Oky’s Rating: 2/5 – This episode was embarrassing to watch. It really felt like it was made for little kids, with all the slapstick, simplistic plot, and lack of logic. It had many of the things that make The Clone Wars so bad: plot holes, stupid droids, stereotypes, and pointless new vehicles. And don’t get me started on the doctor. While the concept of a squad of astromechs successfully completing an important military mission on their own is somewhat original, it’s not very plausible, so the only way to enjoy this episode is to not take it seriously, and that’s not the way to enjoy Star Wars. The fact that it had some character development and actually had something to do with the Clone Wars saved it from being completely terrible, but it doesn’t make up for all the cringe-worthy moments. At least it’s better than that R2-and-3PO arc from last season. Apparently this is going to be another 4-part story arc, so I guess we’re in for three more episodes like this. I have a bad feeling about this.
Doc’s Rating: 1/5 – The astromechs were pretty much the only good thing in this episode, and after all the talk of them being the secret weapons, the episode seems to do its best to ignore them and concentrate on an annoying pit droid, a creepy scientist, some ineffective battle droids and an annoying alien officer. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go find a thesaurus; I’ve used the word ‘annoying’ so many times to describe this episode…


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