The Clone Wars Review: A Necessary Bond

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What did you think of the Plot?
Brickdoctor: The Enemy of my enemy is my friend concept is by no means new, but I think this episode did some things that aren’t new but did them well. The droids still can’t shoot anything despite there being seemingly endless amounts of them, but the Stormtrooper Effect is to be expected in Star Wars, and the lightsaber fights made up for that; they continue to get better in their fluidity. They’re clearly improved over what we’d seen in past seasons of TCW. There is pretty much no reason given for Grievous’ attack on Florrum, and Artoo evidently can pilot the ship himself, so there’s no reason the Rodian Jedi had to stay on the ship in the last episode, but I enjoyed this episode. I don’t think I noticed any major contradictions with existing canon (ignoring the construction of the lightsaber; that canon was already contradicted earlier in this arc). (does Huyang’s mentioning that he took Yoda to get his lightsaber break the rule of not telling anything from Yoda’s backstory?)
Cloney O’Patra: I guess Dooku is just having Grevious do useless junk missions now, which I can actually accept. Grevious doesn’t seem very adept at handling his missions. The Jedi-Hondo team-up was at least well-motivated, and that made it all the more fun. I for one was not a huge fan of the Grevious-Ahsoka fight. I liked it in theory, but time and time again we see Grevious not use four lightsabers even though he has them out. He spins them around, sure, but then once he starts sparring it’s always with just two. Couldn’t he slice Ahsoka in half with the remaining two when he got her lightsaber on lock with the first two? It boils down to the fact that the show shouldn’t have him whip out all four arms every time he fights. For a big powerful Jedi like Obi-Wan, ok, but we should see him just use two sometimes and still pretty much own (which is what he ends up doing since he doesn’t use all four anyway).
Oky: Like Doc already said, the plot of this episode was nothing new, just the same old story of two enemies teaming up to defeat a greater threat, but I don’t think I’ve seen kids teaming up with pirates in any respectable series such as this too often, so I guess it has some novelty. What I didn’t like were the plot holes. None of the questions that were left open in the last episode were answered here, although I guess we can assume that Grievous attacked Kenobi’s fleet because they ran into them on the way to Florrum and spontaneously decided to get some revenge on him. Also, I was expecting the pirates to reclaim their base by the end of the episode since they are in control of it by the events of Revival, but all they did was run away. How did they get it back? Did the Separatists just leave? You’d think that Dooku would leave some forces behind to make sure that he retains control over the planet. Perhaps a future episode will answer this question, but considering all the unexplained instances in this story, I have little hope for that.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
Doc: None of the characters seemed much different. I liked that last shot of Grievous as the Jedi flew away; it reminded me of the “Run, Jedi, run…” shot from the old CW series. Grievous also had a more acrobatic lightsaber fighting style, as he did in the old CW series – he just seemed more like Grievous, somehow. Artoo and Huyang had a shot in the tank (“Artoo, do something!”) where they seemed like the classic droid duo; I liked that reference and that TCW didn’t go overboard with it. The younglings seemed as powerful as full-fledged Jedi, which didn’t seem realistic, but I did say in an earlier episode that they needed to act more like they really were at the top of their class, so I guess I can’t complain. And I prefer unrealistically powerful protagonists to annoyingly underpowered antagonists.
CoP: The young Jedi seemed a tad powerful, but fine. Can’t expect the Droids to not be dumb at this point. Grevious was actually somewhat menacing, though again, I wish he just used two lightsabers. At least we do see Ahsoka get physically tired out, which was good.
Oky:  Grievous was just okay in this episode. He did seem somewhat menacing, but he once again failed to kill anyone important and I agree with Cloney that he overuses his four arms way too much. If he would have used just two, he would at least have an excuse for loosing a fight against a padawan. And I don’t understand why he was so happy that the heroes got away. I guess it makes his mission a success in a way, but he seemed to enjoy it a bit too much. The fact that his droids continue to be completely incompetent doesn’t help either. Hondo on the other hand continues to be awesome. I especially enjoyed the part at the end where he claimed to have staged a rescue and demanded repayment for it. It was so absurd and yet so deliciously in character. The interaction between R2 and Huyang was nice, but too much like that with C-3PO in my opinion. Huyang should be Huyang, not 3PO.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Doc: The only new vehicle was Grievous’ speeder thing, but it seemed to fit in as a Star Warsy ship. Certainly better than some other vehicles we’ve seen introduced in TCW. I don’t agree with the use of the Firespray at the end; I know it’s an entire class of ships, but I think the Slave I should remain as unique as possible. That being said, I think I prefer that to introducing a new ship, and I know I prefer it to using one of those flying saucer things.Grievous Combat Speeder small.jpg

CoP: Grevious’ ship looked a bit like the Old Republic speeder in the upcoming battle-pack, as far as I remember. Not a bad hovercraft. I liked seeing the Slave I, and I’m sure they’ll have some more Boba episodes where Boba gets it back at some point.
Oky:  The new vehicle here was Grievous’ combat speeder. It looked pretty cool, kinda like a jetski with a big jet engine. The Slave I also made it’s first appearance in Boba Fett’s color scheme, which Hondo has been rebuilding since Aura Sing crashed it near his base back in Season 2. It will be interesting to see how Boba gets it back. Also, Hondo’s silly flying saucers are destroyed now, so that’s at least one good thing to come out of this arc and explains why he used the luxury yacht in Tipping Points, which also made a brief appearance here.

Slave I.jpg

Doc’s Rating: 4/5 – No clones with major roles here and there were some plot holes, but the episode was free of problems I’ve complained about with previous episodes. Lightsabers are a central plot point of this arc and play a major role in this episode, and what stood out here was that their use in battle was very clearly better than anything we’ve seen before in TCW. Ultimately, I enjoyed the episode.
CloneyO’s Rating: 4/5 – Not bad. A little bit nonsensical as always, but in general it moved along well, had a solid plot, and was enjoyable.
Oky’s Rating: 3/5 – It wasn’t bad. It had some decent action, Hondo, and the Slave I, but it also had a lot of plot holes. Therefore, it didn’t do a very good job at tying this story arc up. Overall, this arc was a bit tedious and felt very unnecessary. Over the course of these 4 episodes, there was barely any character development except that the younglings gained some self-confidence. Everything is pretty much the same as before. Sure, there was some good action towards the end, but since there was hardly any reason given for it, it was just a pointless plot device. Also, this arc has the most retcons since the Mandalorian arc. I still have a hard time accepting that this is how Jedi assemble their lightsabers and wish they hadn’t done this nonsensical plot arc.


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