The Clone Wars Review: A Test of Strength

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What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: Hondo and his pirates return once again to attack the younglings’ ship on their way home. As much as I love the pirates, I feel like they’re being overused a little. They may as well rename the show The Pirate Wars, seeing as we see more pirates than clones. The younglings defend themselves with improvised traps like training remotes and faulty lightsabers. Using the training remotes as weapons was pretty clever, but I don’t understand why Petro’s lightsaber didn’t blow up when he activated it before the pirate. But most importantly, why weren’t there any clones on board to protect the younglings?? I know this argument is getting tiresome, but in this case they really would have been helpful to the situation! This is a time of war, and this can’t be the first time this ship got attacked, so it would only make sense to send an escort with them other than Ahsoka. It’s almost as if the Jedi Council wants the younglings to die.
Masked Builder: We actually have a decent plot this time.  It’s quite fitting for Hondo to be in more of a “pirate” role in this episode, and nice to see him back again.  Hondo has always been one of their dynamic characters and it’s pleasing to see him again and again.  He’s one their opponents that can be defeated multiple times but still work with the Jedi down the road.
Clone O’Patra: Like Oky, I don’t fully understand why a ship of Jedi younglings would cruise around unguarded in a time of war. Maybe it actually makes sense to have Ahsoka with them, since the Knights and Masters are needed for the war, but really no guard at all? I don’t even recall a pilot, but maybe I’m just forgetting.  The pirates don’t bother me per se; Hondo and his band are fun to watch. It’s just a little odd seeing him basically be pals for the Jedi two episodes ago, and now all of a sudden he’s attacking them and deciding to hold Ahsoka for ransom. I know why it is: this episode takes place before the previous arc, but still it seems like bad planning and a tad jarring.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
Posted ImageOky:  My initial reaction to Professor Huyang was very similar to Ganodi’s. I thought the idea of a droid teaching younglings how to assemble their lightsaber to be very odd, and I still do. I mean, what does a droid know about the force? He can’t even sense it. Sure, he knows the history of all lightsabers, but really, wouldn’t a Jedi with access to the Jedi Archives have the same knowledge? It just seems to take a lot of the magic out of lightsaber lore. However, if you can see past that, he’s not such a bad character. I like how he takes pride in what he does and how he is willing to risk his head (and limbs) to protect his ship and everyone on it, literally. He seemed like a rip-off of Ollivander the Wandmaker from Harry Potter, but maybe that’s partly why I liked him. There was another new character, a pirate who ironically looked and sounded like a parrot. As for the characters we already know, Petro is starting to get pretty annoying. He’s like a mini-Saw. Ahsoka on the other hand saw some more action in this episode, protecting the younglings and supervising their lightsaber assembling, but in the end she got captured, setting up the next episode. Again, I would really like to know why a padawan like her is escorting the younglings instead of Yoda! Where is Yoda anyway? Did they just leave him behind on Ilum? It makes no sense.
Masked: Only one new character is presented in this episode, a droid who helps the Younglings construct their lightsabers.  That is really an excellent concept, and probably would fit with what the Jedi normally do.  We see him use every appendage, he has six, at once which is something we don’t see too often and they pulled off quite well.
CoP: The Jedi kids are annoying and snotty. If Attack of the Clones did anything right (which it 99% didn’t), it was the younglings. Those kids seemed like they could turn into the ideal picture of Jedi: cool, reserved, wise, etc. These kids all seem like Anakin by comparison. But then again, so did young Obi-Wan in the books, so whatever. The Professor Droid was absolutely horrible. He’s not a nod to Ollivander in Harry Potter, he IS Ollivander. And suddenly making a lightsaber has turned into making a wand! Putting random bits of things in wands seems cool and magical; lightsabers are pieces of technology! Face………………………palm.

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What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Oky:  Almost the entire episode took place on board the Crucible, and this time we get an explanation for its introduction: It’s a thousand year-old cruiser from the Old Republic, as evident by Huyang’s story and the Old Republic symbols on the doors. I guess that makes sense, although it’s hard to believe that a ship would stay in commission for so long. We also get to see the bridge of Hondo’s mothership, which looks more interesting than its bland exterior, but also looks kinda like a dark version of that of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek.
Masked: So we have a reason for that new ship we saw last episode, the lightsaber building droid lives on it, and he implies that he’s thousands of years old, though I doubt the ship is.  We also see more of how Hondo’s big UFO style ships work, the docking system and guns popping out of the sides.
CoP: The idea of flying saucers in Star Wars is still stupid. For real. The ship the Jedi kids are on is whatever. A ship. Great.

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Oky’s Rating: 2/5 – More plot holes, more messing with lightsaber lore, and more lack of clones. Hondo is always a joy to watch, so I wont complain about his appearance here, but I don’t like where this arc is going.
Masked’s Rating: 2/5 – Much better than the last one, go to see Hondo in a good pirate role, but where are the clones?!
CloneyO’s Rating: 2.5/5 – Once Hondo attacked, the episode picked up and was a bit enjoyable. Jarring because Hondo was just pals with the Jedi, but ok. It was partially enjoyable and had a real cliffhanger, unlike the BS cliffhangers in the last arc. Is there any more we can ask for at this point?


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