Clone Wars Review: Tipping Points

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What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: The conclusion of this story arc was not as good as it could have been. The idea of an epic final battle involving droid gunships and Hondo Ohnaka sounded promising, but ultimately it fell flat. For the most part, the plot was basically just more of the same: the rebels make speech via hologram, the people start to rebel, and a battle ensues. One of the biggest problems was the incredible incompetence of the droid forces. The ground forces, despite being comprised of 4 tanks, 2 MTTs, and lots of infantry, didn’t land one single hit as they didn’t do anything but walk and shoot straight forward without aiming at anything, allowing the rebels to mow them down with ease. The battle only became interesting when the gunships showed up, and even those were sometimes unable to hit targets that were right in front of them. :hmpf: It was ridiculous. The other thing that bugged me is that all Hondo and his crew did was to deliver weapons. Why didn’t Anakin hire them to help the rebels fight the droids? I know they’re pirates and not mercenaries, but we’ve seen that they’re willing to fight alongside the Republic if Hondo thinks it’s profitable. There were other plot holes too, like when did the rebels have time to set up a camp in the mountains? And why haven’t the droids run out of power yet? I’m beginning to think that the episode where they took out the power generator was completely pointless. I like the fact that they tried to keep the battle out of the city, though, and I liked that bit of symbolism when king Dendup was talking about a “rise for freedom” just as Ahsoka and Lux took off on their Ruping.
Clone O’Patra: While I liked that something actually happened in this episode and that the arc is finally wrapped up, something gets me about this whole arc. We’ve seen the Republic throughout the series swoop in places to crush the Seperatists. Now, all of a sudden, the whole army of a place is trying to fend off a Seperatist takeover (which, admittedly, the ruler brought on), and there are no troops to spare? It just doesn’t add up. For the sake of not being redundant, I need not dwell more on the terribly stupid way in which the show presents droids. I was actually impressed by the sequence where Steela dies. For once, somebody working on the show figured out how to do a combination of shots and music that adds a little emotional oomph. I can’t say the same for nearly anything else.  We see countless human individuals die, and nobody cares in the slightest. I was horrified when the droid general nonchalantly murders the king; he wasn’t a sympathetic character, but this show now portrays murder with zero shred of disapproval. Or maybe it always did.
Masked Builder:  You would think after three movies and all of those CW episodes that the Separatists programmers would get smarter, well, you’re wrong.  The droids are still as stupid a predictable as always in this episode.  It really was starting to make it boring.  Dooku had the droids pull out of Onderon and what would you know, our Super Tactile Droid shot the king.  I suppose that’s one way to take care of that problem, but it was also predictable.  I can’t say it was bad though, the Sith do that sort of thing.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
Oky:  The relationship between Ahsoka, Lux, and Steela got really confusing in this episode. After Steela developed a relationship with Lux in the first two episodes, she made it seem like she didn’t want to be with him anymore in the previous episode, but now she suddenly kisses him. She really needs to make up her mind. And what’s more confusing is that after that kiss, Ahsoka merely gives Lux a friendly nudge on the shoulder. What’s going on? I though Ahsoka was jealous of Steela. Did she learn not to let her feelings influence her? When did that happen? Oh well, I guess none of that matters now since Steela’s dead. Her death wasn’t a big surprise to me since the musical score (which was great by the way) and all the talk about what a great leader she is kinda hinted at it throughout the episode, but it was still the most gripping death scene in the series so far, so kudos for that. What I found strange, though, is that they make a big deal out of it but don’t even mention all the other rebels who gave their lives in the battle. Kinda unfair isn’t it?
CoP: Oky hit the nails on the head. Everything that was set up previously about the characters was now completely gone. Weird.
Masked:  So we see Steela die here at the end, that was the only thing that surprised me.  And I really like that sequence, though I suspected a Ruping would catch her when she fell.  So it was nice to see that she actually hit the ground and died at the end here.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Oky:  There weren’t really any new locations except for the rebel camp in the Onderon highlands. I like how they call it “the nest” seeing as it is literally a nesting place for the Rupings. And the only somewhat new vehicle was Hondo’s personal luxury yacht, the Fortune and Glory. Again, not a very piratey vessel, but it shows that Hondo likes to ride in style!

Onderon Highlands small.jpg

CoP: The planet still looks nice. Hondo’s yacht looks like a recoloring of some previous vehicle, but I could be wrong about that. I think both the flying things and riding beasts are a little bit too similar to the beasts in James Cameron’s Avatar, but I don’t expect Clone Wars to NOT rip-off other material, so whatever.
Masked:  The highlands were neat, reminded me a bit of Geonosis, but they were still unique.  Why you need to get on a Ruping, to go ~50 yards, I don’t know.  Hondo’s ship was very cool, I love all of those curves, and he’s obviously painted on it, taking away that “stock” look of a lot of ships.

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Oky’s Rating: 3/5 – This episode wasn’t bad but I think it could have been a lot better if the droids wouldn’t have been so incredibly stupid and if the pirates would have had a bigger role in it. Also, this story arc was supposed to be a big character development for Ahsoka, teaching her not to let her emotions get the better of her, but it was poorly executed because we don’t see much of that development and she just suddenly changes. Kind of a disappointing end to a promising story arc.
CloneyO’s Rating: 3/5 – This was my favorite episode from the arc, somehow. What can I say, I like episodes where something substantial actually happens from start to finish. Kudos to CW for achieving one well-done sequence, but it’s a shame they continue their dumb portrayal of droids and emotional distancing from violence.
Masked’s Rating: 3/5 – Boy those droids are stupid, it could have been better if I hadn’t seen everything the droids were about to do coming.


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