The Clone Wars Review: The Soft War

What did you think of the plot?
Oky: The third part of this story arc is pretty solid, perhaps even more so than the previous two. There was less action and more drama. The rebels are slowly gaining the trust of the populace, although they still don’t have their full support yet. And I can’t blame the people of Onderon; I’d have a hard time trusting somebody who was blowing stuff up and causing power outages in my city. However, they do a good job at winning them over at the end, including the military. Saw going against orders by trying to save King Dendup on his own was predictable and kinda stupid, but at least he helped convince the general to join them. Dono’s death was kinda sad since she seemed like a loyal and competent rebel, and if it weren’t for Ahsoka, the general would have been a goner too. I was a bit surprised that Obi-Wan and Anakin weren’t mad at her at all for going against their orders not to interfere. What really puzzled me, though, is the fact that the battle droids were still operating. Didn’t the rebels destroy the power generator in the last episode so that they couldn’t recharge? In the episode The Deserter, the B1s couldn’t go one night without running out of power, so why were these still running after a whole day? Do they have a reserve generator or something?
Masked Builder: The plot wasn’t half bad, I was a bit surprised when he got in to “rescue” the king the first time without trouble, but I wasn’t disappointed with how that ended. Ahsoka manages to disobey orders and when she’s talking to Obi-wan and Anakin, she says the droids know the Jedi are involved. So much for staying out of that one.
Brickdoctor: The episode started out pretty strongly, with a good amount of action, but then it turned into a lot of talk, some sneaking around, and a minor conflict during the execution scene. After the opening sequence, they just didn’t seem to do much. That wouldn’t have been bad if there was significant character development or a major confrontation in the middle and/or at the end, sort of how the plot of The Empire Strikes Back played out, but this episode didn’t have that. Also, it’s becoming increasingly annoying and increasingly unbelievable how the droids always leave the hatches of AATs unlocked and always drive it with the turret’s hatch open.

What are your thoughts on the characters?
Oky: There were two new characters in this episode: General Tandin and General Kalani. Tandin looked like your typical general, but he is softer inside than he looks. He had some nice character development as he realized that Dendup is the rightful king. Kalani is a new type of droid, a super tactical droid. Apparently Separatists love putting “super” in front of everything they build. He seemed pretty cool as he looked like a mix of a tactical droid and a Magna Guard and wasn’t as cocky as regular tactical droids, but he didn’t really do much.

Masked: I do like that new tactile droid, the tri-eyes is quite different, and he had quite a degree of movement in his arms. The general is one of those people you can’t judge on first sight. We seem him all “rough and tumble” then Saw gives him a lecture, and he of course allies himself with the true king.
Doc: I liked the uniform design of General Tandin. It combined well the decoration and style of Onderon that’s been established in this arc with an almost Imperial uniform. The new Tactical Droid, on the other hand, didn’t look ‘right’ to me… I think it has too many curves and the ball joints stick out too much at the hips and shoulders.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Oky: The location was basically the same as in the previous episode, but it felt different because the weather changed according to the mood of the episode. That was pretty neat since we don’t usually see much weather change in Star Wars. They are doing a nice job at keeping the environment interesting in this story arc.
Masked: We’re still running around in the main city, so not much new to report on there. We do however, see a MTT that can deploy Super BDs. That looks pretty cool, and I guess makes sense from a tactical stand point. But you fit a considerably smaller amount of Supers in one though.
Doc: Nothing much new here. One minor nitpick: the one-way shields I liked, but I’m not a fan of the pattern on the shields – hexagons, if I remember correctly. I seemed irrealistic, considering the fluid (and usually invisible) nature of shields depicted throughout Star Wars.

Oky’s Rating: 3/5 – This episode wasn’t bad. I liked the dark and serious tone it had and it moved the story along nicely. It was a bit predictable though, and the arrogance of Saw and king Rash are starting to get annoying. And there’s also the plot hole of the droids not having run out of power yet.
Masked Builder’s Rating: 3/5 – The episode was half decent, a bit predictable, but the action was still nice.
Doc’s Rating: 2/5 – It’s not that the episode did anything wrong… just that it didn’t seem to do anything else. This to me was just a filler and setup episode. All that actually happens is that the rebels gain more support of the public, the general changes sides, and a character who’s essentially a Red Shirt dies.


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