The Clone Wars Review: Front Runners

What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: This episode was much better than the last. It had a pretty solid plot about the rebels trying to win the public’s confidence by taking out the city’s power station with a stolen enemy tank, thus making it impossible for the battle droids to recharge. Using your enemy’s weapon against them is one of my favorite battle tactics, so that made it especially enjoyable for me. It was a good plan and it succeeded, although it does beg to question why they didn’t come up with this plan before entering the city and simply used the Separatist tank that was already in their possession instead of going through the trouble of capturing another one. I’m sure they could have entered the city with the tank by posing as the enemy. However, if you forget about that tank, everything makes sense.
Masked Builder: It was actually pretty decent this time. The episode opened up with a great montage of the rebels destroying some droids. The rebels actually started thinking for themselves and came up with a nice plan. Though I think they took the commando droids out to easily.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
Oky: There wasn’t really any character development in this episode except for Steela who proved herself to be a very good fighter and leader. I liked the way she took down that Droideka and hot-wired the enemy tank. Saw on the other hand continues to act like an egoistical jerk, and if he wouldn’t seem so devoted to the rebels’ cause, I’d think he will betray them. The two important new characters were the former and new king of Onderon. I didn’t like these characters at all. They were so cliche it wasn’t even funny. The Separatist puppet king Sanjay Rash had the typical evil black goatee and seemed to think he’s Julius Ceasar, while the old, neutral “true” king Ramsis Dendup had a white wise-man’s beard. They were so ridiculously symbolic of good and evil that I felt like I was watching a Saturday morning cartoon… Oh wait, I was.
Masked: We saw two completely new characters as well as another Bivall. The king seemed very Roman to me, that crown and the simple designs on his outfit, I really like the way they designed him. He also seemed rather stuck-up to me, I was rather surprised Dooku wasn’t ready to kill him. We also see the old king, much an old man, and he’s only in one scene, but he knows what exactly needs to happen. And then the Bivall, which species we first saw way back in season 2 with Dr. Boll. The coloring on him was excellent variation on what we saw with Boll. Oh then we learn that Saw is Steela’s brother, that line is getting old. Is everyone related?

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Oky: Iziz was kind of a neat city. It had an ancient Rome look to it with a certain Star Wars flavor. I always like city settings because there are so many little details to see. There was also a new color variant of Bail Organa’s XJ-2 airspeeder which seemed to be very popular among Onderonians. I would love to see this speeder in a Lego set some day, but that probably wont happen.
Masked: Like Oky said, the city seemed very Roman, and that had a nice new feel to it. Gold coloring was used quite frequently on the buildings, and the blue roofs had quite interesting aspect. We see the characters on roofs quite a bit in this episode, I was starting to wonder how they get up there.

Oky’s Rating: 4/5 – This was much closer what I expect to see in a Clone Wars episode. Non-stop action, a big explosion, and an (almost) solid plot. If there had been a bit more character development and clones, it would have been perfect.
Masked’s Rating: 4/5 – I was pretty happy with this episode myself, plenty of action and some decent gun fights.


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