The Clone Wars Review: A War On Two Fronts

What did you think of the plot?
Masked Builder: It was actually decent this time, the Jedi go to Onderon and train rebels to defend themselves, and we learn a good bit about the weak points on droids as well as the Jedi battle tactics. Then, predictably, the rebel camp gets found and they fight the droids off. Once they’ve defeated the droids, they sneak their way into the city, I actually enjoyed that part, it was pretty smart. We don’t know how the story line ends yet, this is part one of a longer series on this planet.
Brickdoctor: Still no clones, unless you count Rex in his Endor camo-ish gear, but the action was closer to what I want to see from this series than that of the last episode, so that’s a plus. Complaint: How did the rebels suddenly conjure up an AAT and a few droidekas, all fully functional, for them to practice with? We know the Jedi didn’t bring them, and they were in too good condition to have been captured. And if you have captured a fully functional AAT, why the MegaBloks would you not drive it during a battle?
Oky: This episode is just a setup for the next. The idea behind it was kinda interesting though, having the Republic fight a war against the Separatists without actually fighting it. This meant that the Jedi had to return to their original role of protectors rather than soldiers, but it’s less exciting than it sounds. First off, it means there are once again no clones in this war (except Rex) and secondly, there was not much going on. The Jedi spend most of their time discussing the consequences of interfering with the war on Onderon and training the rebels. The episode ends without much plot development other than the Jedi succeeding in training the rebels, and there were some plot holes too, such as the mysterious appearance and later disappearance of the AAT and Droidekas.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
Masked: Ashoka and Lux return for this episode, it seemed to me like Ashoka is going to develop some sort of close relationship with him, though Jedi aren’t supposed to have attachments. We meet two new characters this week, Steela and Saw. Steela seems more like a leader to me, but Saw has apparently made himself leader. He’s to proud to be an effective leader in my mind.
Doc: I’m still not a fan of the relationship between Ahsoka and Lux, but I guess it’s being handled better than the Anakin-Padme relationship in Clones. The rebels seem pretty incompetent, though. How hard can it be just to roll an EMP device (that looks a lot like a reused model of a thermal detonator) slowly through a droideka’s shield? (by the way, it’s not implausible, so it’s not a real complaint, but I don’t remember that droideka shields couldn’t stop slow projectiles before this episode)
Oky: I was a bit surprised to see Lux Bonteri in this episode. Wasn’t he hurtling through space in an escape pod in search of Dooku the last time we saw him? Well, I guess helping the people of his mother’s home planet makes more sense for him than pointlessly trying to avenge her death by hunting down a Sith Lord. It seems that Ahsoka now has a competitor for his attention, but I never cared about their relationship much. The rebels were a mixed bag indeed. Their two leaders, the Gerrera siblings, despite having different opinions on some things, were both good fighters, but they also got frustrated easily and were often bickering. Saw is quite full of himself, and Steela seems to have a crush on Lux which is weird because she is much older than him. Not sure if I like these two.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
We went to a new planet in this episode, Onderon, it reminded me a lot of toydarian planet we saw way back in season one. We didn’t see any new vehicles to my knowledge, but we did see a few new creatures. They reminded me quite a bit of the Kaddu from Naboo, all of the new creatures were very water-based, to me at least.
Doc: I don’t have much experience with OR planets, but as far as I can tell, Onderon was very accurately depicted, and I like that they’ve stuck to a previously-established setting, instead of altering it to suit the mood of the episode. (I’m looking at you, Dathomir) Nice job there.
Oky: Onderon was pretty neat with all its jungles, ruins, and different creatures. It seemed to fit its EU description pretty well. The only somewhat new vehicle was the rebel hunter cart. It was basically just a modified Mandalorian Transport, but it looked pretty interesting with all the bits and pieces from around the Star Wars universe that it was covered in.

Masked’s Rating: 4/5 – This was actually a decent episode, the action was good, but we only saw Rex.
Doc’s Rating: 3/5 – There were times when the plot didn’t seem to make sense, and there still aren’t really any clones fighting wars, but I think the accurate depiction of Onderon and the decent action make this episode slightly over average. (and I say that considering what has become the norm for a CW episode, because I think that this was better than that)
Oky’s Rating: 3/5 – As I already said, this episode felt like a mere introduction to this story arc. It was slow and the only bit of action was the brief battle at the end, which was much too short thanks to the battle droids’ stupidity and inability to lock a tank hatch from the inside. The episode had some plot holes and felt like it could have been cut down to about half its length. That said, I do like the premise of this arc, so I’m curious to see how it will pan out.


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