The Clone Wars Review: Revival

A new season, a new air time, a new episode. So what did we rebel bloggers think of the season 5 premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars? Read on to find out!

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What did you think of the Plot?
Brickdoctor: This episode pretty much picks up right where Season 4 ended. I’m not sure if I like that. On one hand, I think it’s less confusing now that CW doesn’t seem to be skipping around the timeline anymore. On the other hand, there wasn’t much introduction to the episode to remind us of what had happened during the last episode. That doesn’t bug me that much, but I think that anyone who decided that the start of a new season might be a good place to start watching would be somewhat confused.
I said it at the end of Season 4, and I’ll say it again: CW isn’t following the established behavior of Darth Maul. He’s not one to work in a team, and certainly not one to go out and try to recruit an army of pirates. Oh, and Maul’s getting his leg shot off by a blaster was just ridiculous. On the positive side, the lightsaber battles flowed a lot better and seemed a lot less jerky and a lot more natural than I remember they did in past seasons. The action was faster and more intricate, and the combatants didn’t seem like they were always pausing whenever their ‘sabers made contact. I also liked the choral notes added in the scenes where Maul is fighting, referencing the Duel of the Fates.
Oky: I liked that this episode picks up where the last season left off. So Darth Maul and his brother decide to build up an army to overthrow the Jedi. Seems quite ambitious for only two guys with no resources considering that the Jedi are so numerous and have a huge clone army at their disposal, but at least they are proceeding with a plan now rather than just randomly going around killing people (and droids). It made sense for them to start by recruiting the pirates, but it was inevitable that Obi-Wan would show up to foil their plans since he has a history with the pirates. Therefore, this episode was predictable for the most part, but it was a solid plot, so it was okay.
Masked Builder: The plot was decent, all high-action and little talk. The few lines there were we nicely funny. I really didn’t know what to expect from this episode, but the lightsaber fights were okay, and there was one semi-large blasterfight. One thing we don’t see in this episode; clones, I was pretty bummed out, they’re a good bit of the reason I watch the show.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
Doc: So, why has CW ruined Darth Maul? Well, let’s look at the way he behaves in CW. First, as I said above, there’s the going out to recruit an army. That’s not Maul’s style. He doesn’t use an army. He’s a one man killing machine. Secondly, he talks way too much to be Maul. Thirdly, when fighting, there was that one scene where he fought the pirates boarding his ship, and also in the opening fight against the droids, when he stood tall and strode slowly towards them, making elegant, minimal slashes with his ‘saber. It seemed a lot more like I was watching Dooku fight than Maul.
Oky: Let me just say this: I love Hondo! He’s funny, an honorable pirate captain, and he’s got the guts to stand up to two crazy Sith. Therefore I’m very glad it wasn’t him who died in this episode. Adi Galia’s inclusion in this episode was pretty much pointless aside from giving her a canon death and Kenobi the motivation to take on Maul and Savage on his own. She had barely two lines and was already gone before we could even start caring about her, so her death didn’t strike me nearly as much as it did Kenobi. It felt good to see Obi-Wan kicking some butt after taking such a beating last season. The way he targeted Savage’s leg throughout the fight really showed what a smart fighter he can be. I also liked how Palpatine is trying not to let Darth Maul interfere with his own plans of destroying the Jedi. I think it’s interesting how Maul is trying to establish himself as the master now and is planning ahead rather than blindly rushing into action, even though his plan failed. It does seem strange that he is so talkative now, but I can understand how Posted Imagehard it would be to develop the character if he was as quiet as he was in Episode I. Sure, he was much cooler back then, but he would be a boring character if he stayed the same. Savage is starting to look like a wimp now. He was defeated by Maul in a matter of seconds and accepted his role as apprentice much faster than I thought he would, and in the end, he lost his arm and will to live. How pathetic for a wannabe Sith.
There weren’t any important new characters, just a nameless jedi, some dude in a jumpsuit, and a bunch of new pirates. There were also those new spaceport police droids from the first episode of this arc which look kind of interesting. One of them had yellow markings, presumably indicating a higher rank.
Masked: Hondo was great! So many little lines that make him funny. His expressions looked a little weird to me though… On to Maul, firstly, he talks way to much, to me, he’s supposed to be one of those silent assassins. His voice just doesn’t cut it for me. Those legs reminded me a lot of General Grievous too. We also see Savage here, I think he’s been played very well from the start, no complaints there. There were some, what I guess are new, droids, nothing too fancy, they looked a bit like assassins with a big clunky helmet to me.
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What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Doc: Nothing really new here. Another one of those Zygerrian freighter things, and more of those flying saucers which I still don’t like. The only new location is that space station, which was neither notably good nor notably bad.
Oky: There were no new vehicles or locations since they were all recycled from earlier episodes, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I’m not a big fan of the pirates’ flying saucers either though, so I do wish they would start using ships that are a bit more… piratey.
Masked: I was told by Oky there was nothing new, I’ve missed a lot of Season 4.

Doc’s Rating: 3/5 I know I’m beating a dead horse every time I complain about it, but I cannot stress this enough: this is the season premiere of The Clone Wars, and there wasn’t a single clone in the entire episode. I’ll give it an ‘Average’, though, because I thought the lightsaber fighting was much improved in animation.
Oky’s Rating: 3/5 – It was a pretty good start to the season, even though it felt a bit short as it was only a half-hour premiere and aired at the inconvenient new Saturday morning time. The plot was predictable, Adi Galia’s death was kinda wasted, and there was not a single clone in sight, but it was still entertaining to watch because the action was pretty good and it involved Hondo. It was certainly not up to the epic battles that previous seasons started off with, but at least it concluded the story arc that was left so open-ended last season, at least for now.
Masked’s Rating: 3/5 Not really what I was hoping for, but it wasn’t awful either.


2 thoughts on “The Clone Wars Review: Revival

  1. Thanks for the great review, everyone! I am a big Lego and Star Wars fan and have been reading this blog on the sly for years. I appreciate all the work and thought you guys put into it.

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