9516 Jabba’s Palace Review and Possible Rancor Pit Set

Member Alldarker presents some pretty good evidence that we might see a Rancor pit set in the near future. As you can see in the picture above, there are four 2×2 slots purposely designed into the underside of the new Jabba’s Palace. This, along with the fact that the trapdoor in that set currently doesn’t lead anywhere, strongly suggests that it is designed to fit on top of a rancor pit. You can discuss how plausible this theory is in the 2012 Pictures and Rumors thread.

And if you wish to see more pictures and know more about 9516 Jabba’s Palace, check out Brickmamba’s review of the set.

Review: 9516 Jabba’s Palace


2 thoughts on “9516 Jabba’s Palace Review and Possible Rancor Pit Set

  1. I hope they make a rancor pit set with Luke, the rancor, jubnuk, lyn me, rystall, and greata. its features would be a ramp that the people tumble down into the pit, a closing gate, an opening rancor door, a rock for luke to hide under, and a piece that launches lukes lightsaber over to him. also, the rancor could pick up and swallow a figure and hold it inside of him before you can open him.Also on top of the pit, could be the viewing gate that lyn me, rystall, and greata could watch them be eaten.

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