Astromech Workplace Contest

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Eurobricks is proud to announce a new summer 2012 Star Wars Contest: “The Astromech Workplace Contest”. In this contest you have the opportunity to showcase your fun & innovative entries by designing and building your own Astromech Workplace. Will it be a Capital Ship? Or maybe Jabba the Hutt’s own personal commissary? The EB staff has put together an awesome prize pool for this one! 1st Place will win a brand new copy of the new 10225 UCS R2-D2 set! 2nd place will win a sealed TC-14 Polybag! 3rd & 4th place will win a new Darth Vader keychain! In addition, the top five vote getters will each receive a set of 13 different Astromech Droids! So show us what your Astromech Workplace would look like in the Star Wars Universe! For more information on the contest rules and how to enter you can visit the official topic in the Watto’s Junkyard subforum here.


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