May the Fourth Plans Revealed!

FBTB  has posted an announcement from Lego regarding their May the Fourth Be With You / Revenge of the Fifth promotion. Apparently they’ll be having a raffle where you submit a picture of one of your Star Wars MOCs (either online or have a Lego Store clerk do it for you) and get a chance to win a “desktop size LEGO Darth Maul”. In addition, all submitted pictures will be compiled to create a virtual mosaic that will reveal… something. My guess is it will be a picture of the upcoming Jabba’s palace, but who knows.

Also, our member Gooker1 has provided some information on what sets will be on sale during those days. The Imperial Shuttle and Executor will both be 20% off and some of the regularly priced sets will be 10% off, such as the Sith Infiltrator and Anakin & Sebulba’s Podracers, along with the usual sales on keychains. Click here to discuss these promotions and click the images below to read the announcement over at FBTB.

UPDATE: And to make things even sweeter, our hi-res hero GRogall has found us a gorgeously hi-res image of the TC-14 promo fig! Click the picture to see this minifig in all its shiny glory!



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