Jedi Mission Battle Pack on CUUSOO

Remember this?Back in 2009, SW aficionado pedro overwhelmingly won the Eurobricks Battle Pack Contest with this extremely popular entry – the Jedi Mission Battle Pack. From the simple yet highly feasible idea – to the flawless actual execution and professional overall presentation, this has certainly been a personal favorite of mine, arguably one of the best, if not the best contest entries I’ve ever seen in any LSW competition. After receiving a lot of encouraging interest and positive feedback online from various fans who wished this set was ‘real’, pedro has decided put this idea over in LEGO CUUSOO to give us a chance to make this battle pack a reality. If you’d like to have one of these in the near future, show your support for this idea over its LEGO CUSOO Page. You may also join the discussion here in this topic.


2 thoughts on “Jedi Mission Battle Pack on CUUSOO

    • Alex, this is a concept of a set made by a fan, posted on TLG’s CUUSOO site. The project needs to receive 10,000 votes on CUUSOO in order to become an actual set. If you want one, you can either vote for it on CUUSOO and hope it gets the required votes, or you can try to order the necessary pieces from Bricklink and try to reverse-engineer the model.

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