Chrome Ewok anyone?

It was just the other day upon watching “Return of the Jedi” where we were all gripped by the heart wrenching scenes involving the helpful yet mischievous  Ewok’s get blasted by AT-ST Imperial Walkers. Now, according to the latest rumor over in the Brickset forum in this topic, there is news that possibly on May 4th of this year,  on which TLG runs a promotion called “May the Fourth be with you” and there is usually a new exclusive  minifigure that gets distributed, that it just might happen to turn out to be a Chrome Ewok. Yes that is correct a Chrome Ewok, and not the suspected Darth Maul Polybag that was handed out at the 2012 NY Toy Fair. This has not been confirmed by LEGO but generally the promotion is expected to be shown in the May 2012 LEGO Store Calender, which has not been released yet.


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