The Clone Wars Review: Brothers

Alright, here’s our review of the episode that sees the return of Darth Maul! And this time, Masked Builder will take Brickdoctor’s spot for third reviewer!

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What did you think of the Plot?
Masked Builder: The plot was okay, it was rather boring. It was just Savage running around killing people while he looked for Maul. None of the plot twists really surprised me, then again, I can read some movies pretty well too :grin: , but it is building up to next week’s episode so hopefully we’ll see a better plot line next week. We only saw Jedi for about two minutes total and only really in passing. Nothing too significant happened.
Clone O’Patra: The plot was dull. Not much happened, or at least not much in the way of interesting story telling. When we first find Savage strangling somebody in a bar it was just nonsensical. There was no motivation. I felt that since we were following this character around for an entire episode, perhaps we should care about him (even though he’s an evil character), but nothing in the episode made us do that. I cared more about the junkers. The one thing I did like was when it cut away to Anakin and Ahsoka, although I have to admit that that was a bit of a head-scratching moment. Why during the Clone Wars are Anakin and Ahsoka just idling around some remote world? I can overlook that, though.
Oky: As my fellow reviewers have pointed out, the story of this episode was simple: Savage looks for his brother and finds him, bullying and killing some people along the way. The brief fight sequence between Savage and the Junkers was the only interesting part, but even that was not very exciting since a bunch of scavengers obviously don’t have a chance against a “monster” such as Savage. And aside from the reunion of the two brothers, there was no development of the overall story of this arc. They didn’t even explain how Darth Maul survived or how he ended up on a junk world. The whole episode felt more like an introduction to the next episode than an episode of its own and could have easily been cut down to 10 minutes in my opinion. For example, was it really necessary to show every force-strong being in the galaxy feeling the disturbance in the force? It’s a Star Wars cliche as it is, so watching four or five characters saying it was pretty redundant. But since they already did it, they could have at least shown the one person whose reaction to this development I would be very curious to see: Palpatine. Surely he must have felt it too, and I wonder if he feels angry, threatened, or hopeful. You’d think that he would be very interested in reinitializing Maul as his apprentice, despite his failure on Naboo, considering how powerful and full of hate he is. But for some reason, this show refuses to show much of Darth Sidious unfortunately.

What are your thoughts on the Characters
Masked: There were only a couple of new guys in addition to Darth Maul, some spice freighter guy, some weird snake dude, and some, rather cool, “mechanical” dudes that were a mix of Jawas and Tusken Raiders. The snake dude was just that, just a snake that could talk, he was rather annoying if you ask me. Then we get to Maul, I was majorly disappointed in how Maul looked with his weird spider body, I was expecting some General Grievous legs. They portrayed him as rather insane which worked very well, he had a bunch of broken horns which ruined his look but it does make sense that they were broken.
CoP: Again, we should’ve cared about Savage, but we didn’t. Why is he so blatantly awful to everyone? It’s kind of a shame, since I remember liking him in some of his past episodes. I was not expecting the crazed portrayal of Maul, but it was indeed interesting. His spider body was strange, but I guess it’s easier to balance yourself on that big thing than make two legs. I assume Savage helps him build the cleaner legs that Maul has in the finale. The junkers were pretty neat (they reminded me of the main characters in 9). The snake was a very annoying character that I could’ve done without. The writers were certainly going for annoying, but it was a bit much.
Oky: Well, I can’t say that I was happy to see Darth Maul again, even though I am a fan of him. Obviously it’s very hard to meet fan demands when expanding on a character who has only had a small part in the movies with only one or two lines (Case in point: Boba Fett). But who the heck thought it was a good idea to portray Maul as a mumbling, spider-legged lunatic?! I guess it makes sense that he lost his mind over the anger and guilt caused by his defeat, but come on, this is not how anyone wanted to see the silent badass Sith from Episode I to return. His spider body had potential to be cool if he would have had more control over it, but he was stumbling around on them as if he just got them a few minutes ago. His duel with Savage was also very anti-climactic since he just scurried away at the end. It would have been so much cooler if he would have had a serious lightsaber duel with his brother, but sadly he doesn’t seem to have his lightsaber anymore. Savage was okay, but like CoP said, it was hard to care for him. He certainly isn’t the brightest character either (Yes, Savage, I’m sure tapping a magical amulet with your finger is going to make it work again). :facepalm:
I really hated Morley though! Man, that guy was annoying! Give me Jar Jar or Ahsoka over this guy any day. Gee, a talking snake, I wonder how that is going to end. :hmpf: Obviously Savage has never read the bible or at least watched Ninjago, otherwise he would have known not to trust a talking snake. And not only was Morley annoying and a shallow character, but apparently he was purposely badly animated, too, as a throwback to sock puppets. I love throwbacks as much as the next guy, but in this case they just made things worse.
There were some interesting new characters too though. The Junkers were kinda neat, and Loubo the diner owner was pretty funny with his “<3 MOM” tattoo and the way he threatened Anakin Skywalker with a frying pan. There were also some new police droids who looked like highway patrol officers, but I think I prefer the bobby kind on Coruscant.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Masked: They had this neat freighter ship that was rather like a VTOL ship, and when it lands it walks forward a few steps, it was really a cool idea. The garbage planet was pretty neat too, then they unveiled the “Fire Breathers,” they where rather more of creatures to me. They “breathed” fire and where gigantic.
CoP: No complaints. I like all of the location quite a lot in this episode.
Oky: Unsurprisingly, there was a new freighter in this episode, the Turtle Tanker. The concept was interesting, but it looked a bit odd to me. Lotho Minor looked pretty interesting, and like CoP it reminded me very much of the world depicted in the movie “9”. The Firebreathers were an interesting idea as well, despite their corny nickname. Also, it was nice to return to an old-school diner such as Dexter’s, and I believe this is the first time we’ve seen rain, or anything besides clear skies, on Coruscant.

Masked’s Rating: 2/5 – This was almost as boring an episode as some of the political episodes. Darth Maul’s legs were probably the most disappointing part of the whole episode. Beyond Darth Mauls return, the show was just Savage just running around killing people and trying to find Maul. I’ll rewatch it, but only to make next week’s episode make sense.
CoP’s Rating: 3/5 – This episode was extremely dull, but I’ve seen much worse. At least Maul was interesting and the locations were very neat.
Oky’s Rating: 2/5 – This episode was boring and even annoying in some parts! It felt unnecessary and introduced a depiction of Darth Maul I could have easily lived without. Here’s to hoping that he will regain his senses and mojo by the next episode, along with his Grievous legs. The only reason why I’m giving this episode a 2 out of 5 is because it’s not quite as bad as some other episodes, although it was pretty darn close.


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