Interesting concepts on LEGO CUUSOO

There are a number on interesting concepts right now on the beta version of LEGO CUUSOO. LEGO CUUSOO is a site launched by LEGO where users can showcase their creations and if they gain enough support they are passed onto LEGO for review as becoming a possible set.  Eurobricks member gotoandbuild submitted his idea for a LEGO Modular Apple store only 8 days ago yet has gained over 1,500 supporters, with still a long way to go in order to reach the needed 10,000 votes. If you think this idea is worthy of your support you can see more on the official CUUSOO page here and also check out the creation in his official Eurobricks topic.

Also worth mentioning on LEGO CUUSOO is this concept called the “Star Wars Dark Bucket”  that features a plethora of army building mini figs that was submitted on LEGO CUUSOO by haru. It currently has over 3,500 supporters and even an official comment by LEGO citing congratulations on all the support and that it might cost in the range of $300-$400. Although this is a far out concept and still needs a lot of support you can view it here on the official LEGO CUUSOO site.


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