The Clone Wars Review: Bounty


What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: The plot of this episode was basically a rip-off of The Transporter. The protagonist is tasked with safely delivering a cargo, with no questions asked, which turns out to be a girl who was captured by the protagonist’s client. The ending was a bit different though. The story was somewhat predictable from the mystery surrounding the chest, but it was still pretty good.
Brickdoctor: The plot of this episode, for one reason or another, reminded me a lot of Timothy Zahn’s Quadrail books. It’s got the same concept – protecting something on a futuristic train – and the aliens and the way the box was decorated gave it that same sort of old-fashioned feel. Unfortunately, and I can’t stress this enough, the Quadrail series isn’t Star Wars. This episode really didn’t seem to add anything to the overall plot concerning Ventress, and it didn’t feel at all like Star Wars. Also, I think the number of marauders doubled or tripled during the fight scene compared to what was seen at the beginning of the chase. Also, since when do you pay someone without first checking the bounty? That was a really stupid move.
Clone O’Patra: This was probably one of the most boring and useless episodes I have ever seen. An unmotivated action sequence for 20 minutes does not make for interesting television. Especially in TCW’s choppy action animating, it’s hard to watch so much. The Old Republic cinematic trailers, on the other hand: that action is amazing. I’ve read people saying that there isn’t enough of the Clone Wars in The Clone Wars, and I’m really starting to get that feeling myself. This episode felt like something I’d see in a comic book or as a short story in a SW short story compilation, not something I need to see from George Lucas in his show about the Clone Wars. An EU author would’ve done it better anyway.

What are your thoughts on the Characters
Oky: This was another episode for character development. Okay, so let’s recap: Ventress was born a Nightsister, then she became a Jedi, then tried to be a Sith, became a Nightsister again, and now is trying her hand at being a bounty hunter. She really needs to make up her mind, but I guess she’s just trying to find her place in the world. It seems that she had a change of heart after she related herself with the kidnapped girl and seems to now see a future for herself in being a good guy. It will be interesting to see how that works out for her. She did a pretty good job fighting off those ninjas, but I think she could have done better. Why didn’t she force-push them off the train in the first place? And why did she start using her lightsabers several minutes into the fight and not from the start? Does giving up being a Sith include using your force abilities only as a last resort?
Boba Fett also had some development here. He is now a teenager and no longer the complaining, insecure little kid from previous episodes. For the first time since the original trilogy, he was actually pretty cool, wearing a brand new armor and shooting ninjas left and right with his daddy’s pistols. I kinda feel sorry for him, though, that Asajj made him look bad. He just doesn’t seem to catch a break, but I guess it is these tough first days as a bounty hunter that make him the respected character that he is in the original movies and EU.
Latts RazziThere were several good new characters here. Despite filling the role of cliche ninjas, the Kage Warriors were pretty cool, and so were the two new bounty hunters, Latts Razzi and C-21 Highsinger. They were both good fighters and each had their signature moves, although C-21’s blaster sprinkler attack was somewhat silly. Dengar’s CW debut was decent as well, especially due to Simon Pegg voicing him.
However, I didn’t like the whale-people at all. Their mouths were very distracting, and they were pretty darn stupid, not wearing any protection on a dangerous mission and just letting Asajj go before checking the contents of the chest. But I guess since they were the bad guys, we weren’t supposed to like them.
Oh, and we also briefly see Embo who now seems to have a wolf-like pet. Can this guy get any cooler?
Doc: So, let’s see… we had bird aliens, a bird-alien-warlord-sumo guy who wanted to marry a little girl, a plant-lady bounty hunter, teenage Boba Fett – oh, and Star Wars ninjas. Yeah. Star Wars ninjas. It’s not as unrealistic as the Nightsister magic stuff, but still, it didn’t feel at all like Star Wars. I’m not sure I really like the direction of character development that CW is taking Ventress, either, but she did end up cheating all parties involved, (thanks to a really stupid move by bird-alien-warlord-sumo guy) and she does eventually get to this point in the comics, so it’s not that bad. The droid bounty hunter was a good addition – it made the team of hunters feel more complete, him filling the spot IG-88 has in the Original Trilogy. I also thought it was a nice touch how Boba uses the same blaster pistols Jango did, even if that doesn’t seem like Boba’s style.
CoP: There was one development in this episode: Asajj got rich. Ok… This episode felt so conflicted about which character we were supposed to be following. Was it Boba? Was it Asajj? I wouldn’t have minded a Boba episode, but it was smacked into an Asajj arc, so it didn’t work. I just ended up getting no feel for anybody. Anybody besides Embo, that is; he’s a boss.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Oky: It was nice returning to the Mos Eisley Cantina, even though Asajj’s confrontation with the bounty hunters there was a bit too similar Luke’s experience in the movie for my liking. Quarzite looked pretty neat with all the glowing crystals, and the orbital spaceport was interesting as well, but the physics didn’t make any sense. How can the atmosphere of the surface be so highly pressurized and that of the caverns isn’t? It just seemed like a lazy excuse to have a the chest transported by train, but this wouldn’t be the first time physics didn’t make sense in Star Wars.
The train itself was nothing special, and the only other vehicle that appeared was Bossk’s ship, the Hound’s Tooth. Sorry, but I’m still not a big fan of that flying Sandcrawler.
Doc: Space elevators! Those are classics. However, again, other sci-fi stories just don’t fit in that well. Space elevators seem awesome and futuristic in 3001, but in a universe where small, personal spacecraft are like household items, it just doesn’t fit in. I know there was that thing about the weird pressure in the atmosphere (and seriously, how do you pressurize an atmosphere to the point that spacecraft would implode there? The gravity on the planet should be intolerable. And why doesn’t the space elevator implode?), but that just seems like something the writers added in to justify the elevators.
CoP: Hound’s Tooth – yay? The planet they went to was kind of strange, but that’s neither here nor there. The big station above the planet, though, reminded me of an inverse of the planet exploder machine from the 2009 Star Trek film, for whatever reason. Tatooine had the potential to be cool, but they used the cantina in such a derivative way that it sucked.

Hound's Tooth

Oky’s Rating: 3/5 – This was a pretty good, fast paced episode with a good, albeit familiar plot. It had lots of good, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it action. However, it was not free of plot holes. Quarzite’s questionable physical attributes aside, how exactly did Asajj get to Tatooine? Why was everyone unharmed after falling off a speeding train? Why wasn’t the chest locked, and how was Pluma able to breathe in that thing? It would have also been nice if they would have given a bit more background info on the relationship between the Kage Warriors and the Balugans and how it got to this situation. Overall, it was a decent episode, though, and I look forward to the rest of this arc.
Doc’s Rating: 1/5 – The episode added pretty much nothing to the overall plot, and it seemed to ineffectively combine some concepts that really don’t belong in Star Wars. A lot of things just didn’t make sense.
CoP’s Rating: 1/5 – I’m bored. Really, really bored. There is no purpose to this arc at all, but at least the next episode probably has some Jedi in it, maybe. Really, though, I want to see some Clone Wars. Like, how about Adi Galia taking a Clone task force to do something somewhere, or something. Seriously.


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