More Praiter Yed Star Wars Customs

Eurobricks Star Wars customizer Praiter Yed has an unusual knack of creating “unique” Star Wars custom minifigures based on never-before-released characters, only for TLG to release them shortly after (see Yavin-celebration Leia and Jek Porkins). Now he shares with us his recent one, a custom Wullf Yularen fig which was designed to “fill-up” the 10188 Death Star playset with one more minifig.

And in case you missed it, Praiter has also previously done a nice, simple, yet effective custom Aunt Beru fig:

Will we see these characters as official minifigs soon? Only time (and TLG) will tell. But for now, we have Praiter Yed to thank for for giving us a glimpse on how these minor but still significant characters will look in minifig form.

If you’d like to see more of Praiter’s custom minifigs, check out his dedicated thread over in the Minifig Customization Workshop.


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