UCS R2-D2, and other Upcoming Products

EB members Anio and forumreader bring us our first look at the rumored UCS Artoo. This looks like a quality addition to TLG’s line of Star Wars sculptures. I’m not sure if I’ll be getting it, but I think UCS R2-D2 it’ll be a great model to display alongside the Maul bust and Yoda statue. From what I can see, it seems to be built in the style of the sculptures that LEGO Master Builders make for LEGOLANDs and events, though with a greater emphasis on usage of more specialized detailing parts. (as opposed to detailing at a large scale with basic bricks)

Also, while I was doing some research for an upcoming review, I found this image of a Stormtrooper LED key light. Further digging by myself and member Solscud007 reveals a Darth Vader Head Lamp and a Darth Vader Desk Lamp.
Stormtrooper LED Key LightDarth Vader Desk Lamp


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