From X-Wing to Sandcrawler to Wild West


Eurobricks MOC Expert marshal_banana is known as one of the most prominent Star Wars builders we have around the forum, having created exceptional MOCs like his famous X-Wing and his jaw-dropping UCS Sandcrawler. Those who follow him are also aware that his building expertise spans outside the realms of the Star Wars universe, as evidenced by this stunning winning Western Modular Town entry in last year’s Spaghetti Western Competition, which also happens to be an entry in the LEGO CUUSOO Program.

In a rare show of solidarity among various AFOL sites, the Rebel Bloggers of the EB Star Wars Forum Blog are showing our support to our fellow SW aficionado marshal_banana with the hopes of having his entry be considered by TLG for production in the future. We also ask everyone who’d like to see the return of the classic LEGO Wild Western Theme to cast their votes on the CUUSOO Page of this entry.

Let’s all show the true power of our fully operational AFOL community!


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