Knickknack in Old Set Identified as Canon

7141 Naboo Fighter is one of several sets for which there exist a broad enough spectrum of opinions that you’ll find a consensus view of love among some circles of AFOLs and abhorrence in others. A primary complaint of the latter was the fact that The LEGO Group appeared to enjoy throwing in small, non-canon things into sets – in this case, the wheeled tan object that comes with the N-1.

In the 13 years that this set has been around, no one knew what the tan thing was supposed to be until recently. After gaining access to a collection of screencaps from The Phantom Menace (found by none other than Yours Truly) Legoman273 discovered that this old curio did in fact make a brief appearance in the movie:

He believes it to be a “maintainance/refuling device” of some sort.

It won’t be long before someone writes a Wookieepedia article on this piece of equipment. In fact, I’ll bet they already have.


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