Funny Youtube Finds

Some of you may be familiar with a popular animated series on Youtube called “How It Should Have Ended” or “HISHE” for short. It makes hilarious movie and videogame spoofs and has been a great inspiration for my single-pane funnies! Their latest video is their interpretation of how Return of the Jedi should have ended! Make sure to check out their other videos, including their How Star Wars Episode IV Should Have Ended and How The Empire Strikes Back Should Have Ended!

Another popular series which recently had a Star Wars themed two-part episode is Machinima’s Sonic For Hire which follows the misadventures of a broke Sonic the Hedgehog who is trying to get back on his feet by accepting jobs from other 8-bit videogame characters. You might be a bit lost if you haven’t seen the rest of the series, but you might still like this even if you haven’t. Be warned that there is some language in this one. Below you’ll find Part One. For Part Two, click here.


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