Rebel Base in Range

I’m sure we all remember the buzz that the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary caused in the community with its inclusion of a prototype Yavin IV temple playset. jonnyboyca shares with us his near-complete brickbuilt replica of the prototype, constructed with the aid of crabboy329‘s LDD rendition. Praiter Yed and Brickdoctor also played a part in this creation, most notably reverse-engineering the Rebel personnel carrier and X-wing respectively.


3 thoughts on “Rebel Base in Range

  1. That one’s really close to the “original” – now if only he’d post more pics in his Brickshelf and even make a MOC topic in our forum on this.
    Nice find Fallen!

  2. I must admit is really cool being blogged 🙂 I was making a MOC topic as this was being posted it seems, however I will admit it is currently lacking in pictures and review wise. More pictures to come once it is completed I promise.

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