Pimp My Falcon

The short-lived MIDI scale line could have been a dream come true for UCS fanatics with small budgets and those yearning for official releases of craft such as the GR-75 and the EF76 (which lacked the ‘iconic’ status worthy of a UCS rendition and for which a System release had been unlikely due to their being too large, boring, or incompatible with minifigures). I doubt that the line will ever be brought back. Meanwhile, AFOLs have adopted the line’s quasi-UCS range as a label for their own creations. Here Januarybegan has made extensive modifications to the trailblazer of the MIDI-scale line and one of my favorite sets, 7778 MIDI-scale Millennium Falcon, having rebuilt the cockpit and docking arms in addition to refining the set’s greebling. Note the clever use of droid arms to circumvent the brunt of the set’s dreaded sticker sheet.

Found via the FBTB Flickr Outpost.


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