Who Chief Says His Relatives Are ‘starving’ In Tigray

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are ‘starving’ In Tigray – GENEVA – The head of the World Health Organization made an impassioned plea on Thursday for his troubled home region of Tigray, Ethiopia, where he says he has relatives who cannot communicate or send money amid a blockade by government forces.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus expressed his inability to help the loved ones of the 6 million people stranded in Tigray in some personal comments about the region, which erupted into violence again on Wednesday after months of calm.

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are ‘starving’ In Tigray

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

“I have a lot of relatives there. I want to send money. I can’t send money. They are starving. I know I can’t help them,” he said, the latest in his plea for Tigray during a routine visit to the WHO. News bulletin.

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“I can’t help them. I can’t help them. I can share what I have. I can’t do that because they’re completely closed off,” Tedros added. “I can’t talk to them. I don’t even know who’s dead or alive.”

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

Tedros, who is ethnically Tigray, insisted he would not be Tigray’s favorite and spoke of humanitarian crises in several places, including Yemen, Syria, Ukraine and Congo.

But he tried to overcome the passivity and indifference he perceived from other troubled places and an anxious world, and in the past he said his people were neglected because of the color of their skin.

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

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He said the Tigray crisis was unusual because government forces in Ethiopia and neighboring Eritrea – as well as transporting much-needed humanitarian aid to its people – isolated the region from the world.

“Can you tell me somewhere in the world in a similar position?” He said: “We’re talking about six million people (who) are being collectively punished.”

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

On Wednesday, Tigray officials accused the Ethiopian army of launching a “large-scale” offensive on Tigray for the first time in more than a year. Government officials countered by saying that the Tigray army attacked first.

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Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

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Russia on Friday blocked a deal on the final document of a four-week review of a UN treaty considered the cornerstone of nuclear disarmament, a move that has stoked fears of criticism of the military takeover of Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant. after Russia. Troops invade Ukraine. nuclear disaster.

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

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A US Coast Guard vessel patrolling as part of an international campaign to curb illegal fishing was recently denied permission for a scheduled stopover in the Solomon Islands, an incident that comes amid growing concerns over China’s influence in the Pacific country. . The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed discontent and dismay at the inability to help hungry relatives in Tigray, northern Ethiopia.

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

The head of the UN health agency for the region condemned the “unimaginable brutality” of six million residents who were effectively cut off from basic services for nearly two years.

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“I have a lot of relatives there. I want to send them money. I can’t send them money. They’re starving, I know, I can’t help them,” Tedros told WHO headquarters in Geneva.

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

He condemned the “occupational siege that killed people not just with bullets or bombs, but with weapons like banks, fuel, food, electricity and medical care.”

Tedros’ comments came a day after renewed fighting between Ethiopian government forces and Tigray rebels ended a five-month ceasefire and cast a shadow over hopes for peace.

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

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“It is unfortunate that active conflict has resumed, but in reality the war has never stopped,” he said.

He highlighted that even during the ceasefire, the area remains closed and food and medicine are inaccessible, and reiterated his call to “restore essential services and end the lockdown”.

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

The WHO chief misused his platform to repeatedly ask for humanitarian access to his region of origin.

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Tedros, Ethiopia’s former minister of health and foreign affairs, insists his job is to identify health risks.

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

“I did it for Yemen. I traveled there. I did it for Syria and I’m doing it for Ukraine,” he said. “I’m doing this because six million people are human.”

“Part of my job is to open up basic services, ask for uninterrupted access and ask the Ethiopian government and the Eritrean government, which are systematically enforcing the blockade, to lift the siege,” Tedros said. With tech entrepreneur Judah Kanaprach. – Founded Milieu Insight, a mobile-first consumer data and analytics company, changing the way research is done in Asia.

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

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In this interview, Juda talks to Aditi Sharma Kalra about learning from mistakes, career success tips and overcoming gender barriers.

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Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

After studying engineering at Thammasat University, she openly admitted her love for the subject to please her parents, after graduation Judah Kanaprach, co-founder and managing director, Milieu Insight herself worked at an oil refinery. She wasn’t used to working in such a male-dominated industry and found that many of her peers disrespected her despite her seniority — an experience that set her on a path to becoming more vocal on issues surrounding female leadership.

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A career switch to financial services honed her sales and leadership skills – skills she still relies on today – and an MBA in the US put her on a career in consumer research and, crucially, gained useful perspective on embedded issues. In the global research industry.

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

She currently works with some of the biggest companies in the region to understand what 2 million (and counting) consumers think about the COVID-19 pandemic and topics like mental health and fitness.

There are many industry trends that are constantly learning and information is a key factor in getting me to where I am. For me, industry knowledge has been the backbone of adaptation and development in every role I have taken on and is especially helpful in my interactions with customers. I always do my proper research before presenting or pitching to interested parties, which has helped me gain their trust.

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are Starving In Tigray

Another factor is the courage and confidence to stand up for yourself in challenging situations. I am often fascinated by them – finding solutions to complex problems always gives me great satisfaction. I’m not afraid to express my opinions, I really like to have my voice heard. I feel very proud and grateful to be able to be on this platform and share my experiences as a technology entrepreneur.

As I reflect on how far I’ve come, I’m always reminded of the familiar faces that have offered me advice, support and opportunities along this journey, including family, friends, colleagues and clients.

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

Q As a female leader, what are the most important challenges? Have you ever faced gender-related barriers?

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Ten years ago, I worked in a male-dominated industry and was constantly battling imposter syndrome and feeling like I didn’t belong. I remember having to work harder to prove myself than my male colleagues for job promotions and the most basic demands of pay equity. It was like running a marathon every day – very tiring and sometimes downright overwhelming – but I didn’t stop.

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

I consider this experience a blessing. They made me stronger and able to thrive even in challenging situations. Fortunately, I now face a lot less of these issues in between, which gives me more space to focus on my work.

Q How would you define your management style and say it’s very different from what you’ve seen in the past?

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

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Of course – each leader has their own experiences, which influence their management style. For me, I work to build a family relationship with my team members. Trust, relationships and support are very important to me – they create a solid foundation for a team to not only do great work but more importantly enjoy working with each other. Just being a colleague, maintaining hierarchical relationships is not enough for me.

Q Any interesting stories about working with the Milieu Insight leadership team, especially as the only female currently on the team, as well as working away from them?

Who Chief Says His Relatives Are 'starving' In Tigray

Male and female leaders can have very different views and work styles. So some

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