Trading Bei Jungen Menschen Sehr Beliebt

Trading Bei Jungen Menschen Sehr Beliebt – If you want to start trading or trading stocks, you should first ask yourself a simple question why you want to trade in the stock market. Online trading in particular attracts many people who are (consciously or unconsciously) looking for a daily adrenaline rush or a quick euro. Those looking for quick profits, thrills and excitement tend to engage in risky and highly speculative stock transactions. Of course, this is not good for the stock market, but sooner or later it will lead to terrible losses. You can go to an amusement park and get a few euros on a roller coaster there, or go straight to the casino.

On the other hand, if you see trading and investing as a big challenge that you are willing to invest a lot of time and energy to master, you may be on the right track. If you are also self-critical and learn from your mistakes, you will have the right basic attitude to enter the stock market. It is at least unlikely that a total stock market crash will occur. Whether you can profit and lose on the DAX just depends on your approach and your ability to learn.

Trading Bei Jungen Menschen Sehr Beliebt

Trading Bei Jungen Menschen Sehr Beliebt

Tip 2. Find your personal investment or trading style What is your personality? An important question for every investor.

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Even if you have the potential to become a successful trader or investor, you may still experience losses. It could also be because your investment strategy doesn’t match your personality.

Trading Bei Jungen Menschen Sehr Beliebt

There are countless great investors around the world and each has a different investment style. For example, Warren Buffett is a different type of investor than Jim Rogers, and yet both are very successful. Can’t sit in front of a screen all day and follow prices, news and charts? So, you don’t need to follow a day trading strategy, that is, don’t enter any position where you need to monitor the development of the stock market every day. On the other hand, if you are always afraid of losing big profits again, you should not enter into a long-term trend-following strategy. And if you are very excited when you click the buy or sell button, it is better not to make your trades yourself, but to choose a strategy implemented by an automated trading software .

Many more examples can be given, but the most important thing is: analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and then choose the right investment strategy for you. Work on your weaknesses and use your strengths.

Trading Bei Jungen Menschen Sehr Beliebt

Jugend Boom An Der Börse

Tip 3. Just follow one strategy and optimize it What is your strategy? What advantage do you use to succeed in the stock market?

If you can’t answer this quickly and clearly, you will likely make mediocre to average income. A truly great investor simply follows a strategy, perfects it, and then applies it smoothly, patiently, and with discipline.

Trading Bei Jungen Menschen Sehr Beliebt

Warren Buffett, for example, found success by strictly following Ben Graham’s rules for basic investing. However, there are also many successful traders who only rely on a particular chart pattern or technical indicator and use it to beat the market. An example is buying a stock that broke a new all-time high with heavy trading volume. Then there are traders who work with automated systems, Elliott Wave Traders, High Frequency Traders, etc. Conclusion: Every successful stock trader has his own strategies.

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It is important to have at least one strategy or method to avoid losses in the stock market. Because one thing is certain: you might get lucky for a while, because rising tides are known to lift all boats. However, with the stock market inevitably going through ups and downs, falls and bear markets, trading without a strategy can lead to heavy losses.

Trading Bei Jungen Menschen Sehr Beliebt

Money management and controlling your risks are two important tools to have lasting success in the stock market instead of stumbling from one disaster to another.

A study shows that 90% (!) of fund manager performance is determined by money management and risk management. With good money management, you can achieve positive results even with an average stock pick. Conversely, if you choose the size of your position too large, for example, or if you don’t limit your losses, you can sink good stocks.

Trading Bei Jungen Menschen Sehr Beliebt

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You must first decide what percentage of your wealth you want to invest speculatively in stocks or mutual funds and how much capital you want to keep in a safe form of investment. Depending on your personal risk appetite, you can invest 10% to 20% of your assets in the stock market, for example. There are many ways to limit the risk of your assets invested in the stock market.

Do not risk more than 1% to 2% of your total portfolio value per position (depending on your personal investment strategy and time horizon, this rate may be slightly higher, but not more than 5%).

Trading Bei Jungen Menschen Sehr Beliebt

Limit your losses! Closing losing positions in time is one of the most difficult things in trading, but once you realize how big you are avoiding, you will be happy to accept small losses.

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Always use stop loss orders and follow them. It is a common occurrence for investors to move their stop when the price closes. This, of course, makes stop-loss orders completely useless and you make a fool of yourself. Of course, you don’t need to set the stop-loss too close to the current price, otherwise you will always stop. Set the stop so that it does not stop immediately even with moderate counter-input. At the same time, look at the exact level of the stop on the chart which is not very clear. That is, for example, stops are placed slightly below the circle marks or technical support lines on the charts.

Trading Bei Jungen Menschen Sehr Beliebt

Set a profit target in advance and close the position when that target is reached. For example, it is a good idea to use the so-called bracket order to open a new position. Once the position is established, stop-loss and take-profit (profit limit) orders are sent directly. When a stop is activated, the profit order is automatically deleted and vice versa. So you can get into a position and go on vacation with peace of mind without constantly checking courses. Objectives and risks are then defined for the market to determine the outcome.

Don’t let a big gain turn into a loss. Once you reach the optimal profit level of your position, you should raise the stop at your entry price. In any case, you are protected against losing this position. Don’t rush here though, or you could trigger your stop early on a small pullback and then sell to the left. As a rule of thumb, you should be between two-thirds and three-quarters of your target profit before you break even.

Trading Bei Jungen Menschen Sehr Beliebt

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To automatically set a stop from the trading platform, you can use a trailing stop order: for example, if you buy a share for 30 euros, you can place a trailing stop order at a distance of 3 euros . Then the stop at 27 euros. If the stock rises to 32 euros, the stop is automatically increased by 2 euros, so it is 29 euros, and so on.

If you have lost a predetermined percentage of your assets, for example 10% or 20%, then you should temporarily avoid trading in the stock market and analyze what exactly caused these losses. You should plan to start over when your mistakes are properly named and corrected.

Trading Bei Jungen Menschen Sehr Beliebt

In his book “Boomerang”, Michael Lewis, author of the classic “Liar’s Poker”, describes how little Iceland has developed from an economy based on fish and aluminum smelters, among other things. Millennium. We all know how it ended with the financial crisis. The story of Icelandic fisherman Stefan Alfsson is an example of how hard work it takes to succeed in long-term investing.

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Below you can read an excerpt from Lewis’s story about Alfsson, a talented sea captain who, with no experience in the stock market, became a foreign exchange trader and traded large sums in a bank in Iceland:

Trading Bei Jungen Menschen Sehr Beliebt

“Skinny and hungry, more realistic in sport than in design, Alfsson still looks more like a trawler captain than a financial manager. At 16 he went to sea, and in the off-season he went to college and studied of fishing. At 23 he was appointed captain of an Icelandic trawler and others I have heard from sailors that many consider him a real child. Because he has the skill to catch his share of cod and haddock soon after. And yet, in January 2005, he quit fishing and joined the foreign exchange trading department of Landsbanki Iceland. Until the Great Bloodshed in October 2008, he spent about two years speculation in the financial markets. He was expelled, and with him every Icelander who called himself a “merchant.”

Why did the fishing expert who started fishing training at the age of 16 leave his job and return to the financial sector? Why did I think I could work as a bank teller?

Trading Bei Jungen Menschen Sehr Beliebt

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