German President Warns Of Radical Threat On Riot Anniversary

German President Warns Of Radical Threat On Riot Anniversary – Just days after President Joe Biden took the oath of office, his anti-defamation team urgently sought help from his National Security Task Force.

The new boss launched a government-wide effort to combat far-right extremism and wanted to hear from the charity, which has been tracking anti-Semitism, hate speech and extremism from home for 108 years. “We’re expected to be contacted,” says Ryan Greer, a former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official who researches extremism with the ADL. “We did not expect it so quickly. The change in tone and vigilance cannot be greater than in previous years.

German President Warns Of Radical Threat On Riot Anniversary

German President Warns Of Radical Threat On Riot Anniversary

Typically, the new administration’s top security aides will focus on serious foreign threats such as transnational terrorism, Chinese cyber espionage or North Korea’s nuclear proliferation. This gravest danger is closer to home. Following the Capitol siege on January 6, Biden asked top advisers to do something no previous administration had attempted: focus on a new network of US security agencies to help fight domestic extremism.

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Biden’s director of national intelligence, Avril Haynes, is working with the FBI and DHS to assess the threat. A new four-member National Security Council (NSC) bureau has launched a 100-day push to better understand and address the problem. The bureau seeks crime data and information on recruitment practices and holds weekly video conferences with former federal officials, academics and advocacy groups. There is talk of expanding FBI field offices and increasing funding for programs to rehabilitate former violent white leaders and neo-Nazis.

German President Warns Of Radical Threat On Riot Anniversary

The urgency was clear long before the Capitol Rebellion. From Oklahoma City to Charlottesville to El Paso, the United States has seen increasing violence in recent decades. Since 9/11, right-wing terrorists have been responsible for nearly three times as many attacks on US soil as Islamic terrorists, including all but one of the 17 domestic terrorist attacks in 2019.

At the same time, it is easier than ever for extremists to rule. Social media has alienated millions of Americans from radical opinions and dissident plots previously disseminated in the pamphlet. On Facebook and YouTube, many people identify with suits and ties by interweaving racism, anti-Semitism and violent rhetoric into the political discourse. Because of President Donald Trump’s inclusion of his right-wing supporters, extremist groups have clashed with the Republican Party he leads; The Capitol riots blurred the walls that separated conservatives from self-styled militant groups like the Gay Boys, the Oath Keepers and the Three Factors.

German President Warns Of Radical Threat On Riot Anniversary

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“The new phenomenon that has emerged is extremely dangerous: Soccer moms and citizen Joe Blau are attending the same meetings and engaging in the same activities as white supremacist groups and hard-line extremist groups,” said Daryl Johnson, a former senior DHS analyst who wrote a 2009 report warning about the rise of the right. . “You have the criminal, violent element mixed in with the law-abiding element under the guise of the First Amendment.”

In January, nearly 4 in 10 Republicans said violence “may be necessary if elected leaders fail to protect America,” according to a poll by the conservative American Enterprise Institute. Threats to politicians and local government officials have become common. And experts who have spent decades studying the far right warn that their ranks will increase under the Biden administration.

German President Warns Of Radical Threat On Riot Anniversary

Biden’s team has a daunting task: dealing with one of the biggest domestic threats since the Civil War without creating a political crisis or curtailing Americans’ civil liberties. Government officials are armed with little data, less money, few plans to build and no proven solutions. Federal law enforcement is limited by the free speech of US citizens. Local police departments are often unable to determine whether crimes are part of a far-right organization. But Biden’s 100-day race to understand the extent of the problem shows how widespread it is.

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Perhaps most disturbing of all, fighting these extremist groups can strengthen them. Any damage to the extreme right risks reinforcing their narrative that the government is persecuting them or silencing them for political reasons, which experts say will increase their numbers. Hours after Biden pledged at his inauguration to fight “political extremism, white supremacy [and] domestic terrorism,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned his audience, “We are now in a new war on terror, but it’s an internal war. . . the people of this country .” Pro-Trump forums sparked angry messages.”

German President Warns Of Radical Threat On Riot Anniversary

In this context, it is not surprising that Biden chose Attorney General Rick Garland, who led the Department of Justice’s prosecution of those responsible for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, the deadliest act of terrorism in SA history. Garland promised that the impeachment of the Capitol mob would be a “first priority.” About 300 rioters were located and charged by FBI agents and prosecutors. “Jan. 6 was not an isolated incident. The problem of domestic terrorism is spreading,” FBI Director Christopher Wray told Congress on March 2. He noted that the FBI is now working on about 2,000 domestic terrorism cases, twice as many as before in September.

But if the US has learned any lesson from 30 years of failed efforts to stop the rise of domestic extremism, it’s that law enforcement alone cannot solve the problem. The success of the Biden administration will not be measured by the number of prosecutions of domestic terrorists, but by the number that prevent them from becoming violent in the first place .

German President Warns Of Radical Threat On Riot Anniversary

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Biden, in the Oval Office on January 28, favored the fight against domestic extremism.

As Christian Picciolini watched the crowd storm the Capitol from his home in Chicago, a thought occurred to him: They are winning. Everything about the crowd—the chants, the anger, the symbols on their clothes—reflected the white power movement Picciolini had left behind more than two decades earlier.

German President Warns Of Radical Threat On Riot Anniversary

He recalled that this had been their plan all along: to break the back alley meetings and mingle in the places where Americans live, work, discuss politics and consume news. The ragtag group of skinheads that Picciolini ran from in the 1990s has coalesced into a group that included students, suburban “Trump women,” wealthy professionals, middle-class retirees, and conspiracy theorists, united in an electoral fantasy. that was stolen by inspiration. Conservative media. .

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“I was shocked, because it showed how effective these groups were that we had been ignoring,” said Picciolini, 47, a former neo-Nazi who helps others leave the movement. “And I’m angry, because so many of us saw this coming for years and no one listened.”

German President Warns Of Radical Threat On Riot Anniversary

Picciolini’s extremism peaked earlier in anti-government sentiment. On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh detonated a 4,800-pound plane. A bomb hidden in a Ryder truck parked in front of the Alfred P. Mora Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. The killing of 168 Americans, including 19 children, forced the FBI to recognize a domestic threat. McVeigh, a Gulf War veteran, sought revenge on the US government for the deadly ambush of federal agents in Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge, Idaho. He drew inspiration for the attack from The Turner Diaries, a 1978 race war novel that inspired generations of moonshots.

Today, the threat comes from a tangled web of ideologies, including white supremacists, neo-Nazis, anti-government activists and followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory that claims America is run by abusers. Satan’s children. Ideas that were once sent to the moon have gone mainstream as right-wing news networks, politicians and lobbyists, all while standing up to the “liberal fairies” who support more white nationalist narratives.

German President Warns Of Radical Threat On Riot Anniversary

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Few in law enforcement know extremism better than former FBI agent Michael German, who spent much of his career undercover, including infiltrating far-right groups. In 1992, as a young agent working savings and loan fraud in the bureau’s Los Angeles office, German was walking down the hall when a colleague approached him and said, “Hey, you’ve got blond hair and blue eyes. You could be a Nazi.” collected explosives and automatic weapons with plans to blow up the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles and shoot parishioners.” This was in the 1990s and there was no shortage of laws to deal with. Terrorist criminals,” he says. “So what happened since then?

9/11, for one. After the attacks, the US government turned its full force to building a global intelligence network that could stop foreign terrorist attacks before they happen. Congress gave agents broad authority to track down and investigate suspected terrorists with even the slightest connection to foreign organizations. At the same time, the threat to the local population increased. Far-right groups grew by more than 250% in the first year of Barack Obama’s term, according to data from

German President Warns Of Radical Threat On Riot Anniversary

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