Fancy Studios Presents Us With The Future Of Gaming

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Fancy Studios Presents Us With The Future Of Gaming

Fancy Studios Presents Us With The Future Of Gaming

The holiday season is a great opportunity to relax with the family, rest and relax. What’s better than watching a movie for fun? Sci-fi is one of our favorite Swifty genres. We love to see the innovative and innovative transport solutions dreamed up in the movies. Of course, at Swifty we love vision. creative Especially when it comes to cars!

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Therefore, help reduce conflict about what to watch. Here are some of the Swifty team’s favorite must-see movies for travel enthusiasts and on-the-go professionals. They are all ahead of their time and exploring what the future of transport looks like. Some of them are predictable. And some may even be the inspiration for the technology and cars we see today.

Fancy Studios Presents Us With The Future Of Gaming

The Back to the Future trilogy is an all-time family favorite. And one of the most iconic moments of the film is undoubtedly the chase on the hoverboard. But it’s also one of the few films that looks at the future of transport in terms of micromobility!

Many science fiction films are sure to shock the audience with their shocking depiction of the future city. But seeing the kids The thrill of personal futuristic travel is something closer to home! There are so many little touches scattered throughout Back to the Future Pt II that make it perfect for a family watch.

Fancy Studios Presents Us With The Future Of Gaming

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Hoverboards, of course, are not so commonly seen, even if in a more grounded version. But the idea of ​​a flying hoverboard is still one that captures the imagination of many. Take, for example, Franky Zapata’s Flyboard Air, which crossed the English Channel in August 2019! We may have overlooked the vision of the film for some time. But we took another step.

Who can resist Arnie during the holidays? We’ve all seen ‘Elves’ many times. So why not get moving and relive the memories in this sci-fi thriller?

Fancy Studios Presents Us With The Future Of Gaming

Total Recall is once again a film full of artificial rafters and futuristic gadgets that we will all be using in 2084. One of the main features of the film is ‘Johnny Cab’, an automatic taxi. With autonomous drivers that you control using voice commands, it was a distorted vision in the 1990s, but now autonomous cars are quickly becoming a reality.

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With autonomous cars taking control of the billions of pounds invested in the car industry, perhaps their description of Total Recall is an ominous prediction. I really hope they aren’t temperamental or creepy!

Fancy Studios Presents Us With The Future Of Gaming

Alexa and Google Homes are now commonplace in most modern homes. Voice command technology is becoming more and more common. even when you’re driving You can also assign replies to messages. These are all exciting and futuristic ideas to make this movie.

Driverless cars are also a reality. Now you can buy a car that follows the road to stay in your lane. We will help you change your car safely AND react to the danger on the road faster than possible. With this technological advancement, a Vehicle that can travel without human assistance. This is no longer a far-fetched concept.

Fancy Studios Presents Us With The Future Of Gaming

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The future of transport? The car can fly! Many movies show flying cars on the big screen. But few come close to feeling as real as Ridley Scott’s dystopian classic Blade Runner.

When the movie portrays the future of our current society just as well. Flying cars seem to be only available to the wealthy elite or members of the police force in the movie. Looking for any flying car in real life today shows that the closest we have to it would cost the average person an arm and a leg. An example of this is AeroMobil, which can be pre-ordered. Technological advances are great, but they will be available to the rich before mass solutions are enjoyed by the public.

Fancy Studios Presents Us With The Future Of Gaming

Although we have not reached this point. Steps must be taken to make the concept of flying cars a non-fiction book! There are many components in today’s air vehicles: vertical take-off. So it won’t be long before we have to look right, left and up before crossing the road…

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Another film that predicts future ideas for self-driving cars is Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report

Fancy Studios Presents Us With The Future Of Gaming

The film seems to mostly avoid the concept of cars in the traditional sense. Mass transportation of people around the city is ensured by “pod” type vehicles that operate independently. Dive down the highway of the future Pods will seamlessly connect and intertwine to avoid collisions. allowing you to travel easily and safely This means that problems like traffic jams are a thing of the past, just imagine! The idea that all computers talk to each other and are compatible with each other. This is something common in our daily lives with almost every level of technology we own.

The pod itself has become a reality in recent years. Although this industry is still in its infancy. The pod design is focused on prioritizing spaciousness and accessibility for users.

Fancy Studios Presents Us With The Future Of Gaming

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Another progressive idea presented in the film is the way the module is not limited to a plane. The paths are horizontal and vertical. The car will crawl around the building to take you directly to your apartment. Although this may be far from the truth for us today. But using vertical parking to make the most of our busy urban areas is not a common occurrence.

Another sci-fi classic full of flying cars is The Fifth Element. In Luc Besson’s Blade Runner, flying cars are the norm in the future. They are located in the seemingly endless gap between cities.

Fancy Studios Presents Us With The Future Of Gaming

It features monotonous flying cars. People are still stuck in traffic jams. You still stand in line at McDonalds and call taxis like we have today. The design of the vehicles did not change much when they took to the air.

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Mysterious atmosphere Iconic costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier and stellar performances by Bruce Willis and Milly Jovovich make The Fifth Element a cult favorite.

Fancy Studios Presents Us With The Future Of Gaming

Is there anything more to Bond than his car? Each new movie offers a new idea of ​​what your average Aston Martin can do. Team Swifty’s favorite outfit is the Lotus Esprit Submarine from The Spy Who Loved Me. Moore sent his lotus from the top of the pier. Only to transform and launch into the same dangerous waters.

The idea of ​​an amphibious vehicle wasn’t always a new idea when the film came out in 1977, but a seamless transition between land and sea was far from a reality. But today it is not like that!

Fancy Studios Presents Us With The Future Of Gaming

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Interestingly, many of the real-life versions of the amphibious vehicles are a direct result of the film. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also shown interest in building a real version of the submarine. After buying the original at auction in 2013 and claiming to have the design There is a convertible version of the submarine that you can own for at least $2,000,000 (with a water tank) that allows you to go 75mph when afloat.

If $2 million is too much and you don’t have to worry about getting your car underwater. You can also get an amphibious vehicle for under $200,000 that lets you go faster than 55 mph on land and up to 44 mph in water. The film predicts not only this desire for easy travel to multiple terrains. but also potential customers who look great in movies.

Fancy Studios Presents Us With The Future Of Gaming

Science fiction without robots and technology is rare, but the original Mad Max (and the three other films in the series) is a good example. Once again, we are brought to a dystopian vision of the future. It’s a world that doesn’t bother to tempt you with special effects. but with a high octane number

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