Crypto Fest 2022: Looking Up To Post-winter Opportunities

Crypto Fest 2022: Looking Up To Post-winter Opportunities – See a world of possibilities under one roof – Join CryptoFest 2022, the iconic festival of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFT, Metaverse, Web 3.0, DeFi, Mining, Digital Asset Trading and GameFi projects. The meticulous efforts of this innovative regulator bring together hard-working speakers. Creative projects and educational sessions in a thought-provoking environment with unmatched freedom for sponsors and attendees to connect with potential investors, companies, presenters and partners to seal the deal. Most Profitable Join an incredible network of smart leaders and exhibitors. Which will eventually lead you to expand your network and collect millions of dollars worth of valuable information. Meet crypto pioneers, successful personalities, blockchain experts, and DeFi and NFT masterminds together on the rare opportunity that this ultimate event presents. The summit will bring together royalty, diplomats, governments, crypto specialists, experts, entrepreneurs and technology leaders. More than 50 participants as speakers and panelists are expected to participate in the festival, including:

Cryptofest 2022 is brought to you by Gulf Xellence and will take place over two days in Dubai. From 19 October to 20 October 2022, join Crypto Fest 2022 in Dubai to discover interesting facts from the crypto market, awaken conversations with change makers, and immersive content by the market.

Crypto Fest 2022: Looking Up To Post-winter Opportunities

Crypto Fest 2022: Looking Up To Post-winter Opportunities

Gulf Xellence is an organization capable of hosting B2B events and trade shows. Worldwide Quality Training We are a team of experts working towards a common goal. We hope to provide a representative medium for new technologies and crypto events. Over the past five years we have come a long way and achieved a lot. With a clear focus on seizing opportunities to help our clients grow their businesses, Gulf Xellence is backed by a team strongly committed to innovation, implementation and improvement. To help brands make a global impact, we understand the power of delivering the right audience to the right audience. Thus creating opportunities for our clients to connect with ideal audiences which opens doors to massive growth.

Welcome To Cryptoland: The Fyre Festival For Crypto Fans

Sponsor / Exhibition / Management / Media Gulf Xellence Phone: +91 7006200879, +91 884566884 Event URL: Email: [email protected], [email protected] Company Website: https:// gulfxellence .com Contact Person: Waqar Andrabi, Muzammil Amin

Crypto Fest 2022: Looking Up To Post-winter Opportunities

Crypto GameFi Welcomes Summer at DeFi: Interview with Dragon CEO Crypto Gaming

The popular new Cardano DAO Toolkit calling platform announces the distribution of dollars from the SUMMON community token and fundraising for the ISPO Cryptocurrency Initiative, and blockchain can be a difficult research topic. But one of the best ways to learn more about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, DeFi, the metaverse and all the ideas that come up is by participating in cryptocurrency events. More and more organizers are now hosting more one-on-one events to bring interested parties to meet the movers and pioneers of the crypto and blockchain industry.

Crypto Fest 2022: Looking Up To Post-winter Opportunities

Cryptocurrencies And Bitcoin (btc) 2021 Year In Charts

To help you find cryptocurrency shows to watch this year. We’ve compiled a list of the top crypto, blockchain, NFT, and metaverse events worth attending.

Whether you are a crypto expert or an enthusiast, a crypto business is a way to expand your personal network and build partnerships with like-minded individuals. You will enter a professional network where you will have the opportunity to meet, learn and even collaborate with leading industry players, developers, designers, investors and crypto/blockchain pioneers.

Crypto Fest 2022: Looking Up To Post-winter Opportunities

Apart from gaining industry insight, you can also gain a broader perspective on this emerging technology. You will participate in live discussions, debates and exclusive discussions at various events. If you want to change the mood, some of these big crypto events will take place in some of the most exciting locations like Valencia, Davos, and ibenik.

Questions And Answers

1. NFT.NYC Date & Location: June 20-23 2022, New York City, USA About the event: In 2018, NFT.NYC has become a conduit for the emerging NFT community. This includes artists and creators. This expanded event currently features over 1,000 speakers drawn from various aspects of the Web3 space. Current speakers include Zhonghao Liu of Github, Zach Blush of The Chameleon Collective, and Labs Creator Stephen Hadeed Jr. Get news and updates. Here are 2. European Blockchain Agreement Dates and Venues: 26-28 June 2022, Barcelona, ​​Spain About the event: The European Blockchain Agreement is one of the most influential crypto and blockchain events in Europe. More than 1,000 people attended the three-day event. Participants will have the opportunity to meet the thinkers and innovators who are transforming and transforming the finance, crypto and blockchain industries. In addition to discussions, lectures, workshops and discussions on cryptography and blockchain, the event will also include: TRON DAO Laurent Perello. Learn more about the conference here July 3 ETHCC Conference Date and Venue 5: 19-21 July 2022, Paris, France About the event: ETHCC is the largest annual Ethereum event in Europe. This three-day event has a meeting. Networking opportunities and other learning experiences such as workshops designed to build participants’ knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology. The speakers at ETHCC 5 were Kevin Aoki from Gitcoin and Ganesh Swami from Covalent. Learn more about ETHCC 5 here 4. Istanbul Blockchain Economy Summit and dates: 27-28 July 2022, Istanbul, Turkey. Blockchain event”, this summit brings together key crypto industry players, experts, blockchain entrepreneurs, and participants from over 55 countries. Among the top picks for the previous meeting were Sandeep Naiwal of Polygon, Tim Draper of Draper Associates, and Mariana Gospodinova of including Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, Alex Bornyakov and Ozmankoin co-founders Burak Kos and Ceylan Arslan Learn more here at 5 August DeFi Security Summit dates and locations: 27-28 August 2022 Paul & Mildred Berg Hall, Stanford University, Stanford , CA, USA About the event: The first annual DeFi Security Summit is being held. This is because of the need to address pressing DeFi Security issues such as vulnerabilities in smart contracts and how to prevent such tampering in the future. The summit included discussions and discussions on topics such as DeFi vulnerabilities. Verified speakers including Aave Head of Smart Contracts, Emilion Frangella, Nexus Mutual founder Hugh Karp, and optimistic security engineer John Mardl. in. See the introductory schedule for the Summit and other details here September 6 MetaWeek Dubai Date and location: Summit: September 12-13 2022 Full week: September 11-14 2022 Grand Hyatt Dubai About the event: Learn more about the Summit. The latest developments in this ecosystem during Dubai’s MetaWeek 2022. Apart from Metaverse, this week-long event will cover other relevant topics such as financial and non-financial applications of blockchain, FinTech, tokenization, etc. during the event. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from blockchain experts, NFT makers, DeFi and AI employees, and artists Learn more here 7. NFT Show Europe Date and location: 17-18 September 2022, Valencia, Spain. By event: Recognized as NFT Show Europe 2022 is a platform for artists, platforms, crypto professionals and coin collectors to share their views on NFT and cryptocurrencies through art exhibitions, one of the highlights of this event is showcasing various art forms such as AR and digital collectibles, as well as talks and meetings and discussions. and a side-by-side event in Valencia, Spain. Participants can expect events such as workshops, technical presentations and unique experience halls. This will increase your understanding and knowledge of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Find out more here 8. Token2049 Singapore Date & Location: 28-29 September 2022, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore About the event: The best crypto jobs branch. Global Token 2049, Singapore Token 2049 brings together crypto leaders, startups, investors, developers, thought leaders and others to present “Asia’s First Crypto Event” during this two-day event. Participants will take part in events such as meetings, workshops, and hackathons to expand their network and gain a wider perspective on the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. World leaders such as Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman, Polygon Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal and Chief Investment Officer on Binance Bill Chien find out more here 9. Blockchain Expo 2022 Europe Date and location: 20-21 September RAI Amsterdam Netherlands About the event: Blockchain Europe 2022, part of the Blockchain World Expo series, is one of the leading conferences and conferences in European exhibition focused on blockchain and other important topics. Especially under TechEx Europe, which includes discussions or explorations of artificial intelligence, big data, 5G, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things ecosystem. See the full list of speakers and other exhibition details here 10 October. Blockchain Expo 2022 North America Date and Location: October 5-6 2022, Santa Clara, California, USA About the event: A technology conference and exhibition focused on the latest developments in the blockchain ecosystem. and cryptocurrencies including other topics Guest speakers include Anita Rao, PayPal Director, CasperLabs CTO, and Medha Parlikar, Co-Founder Blockchain Expo 2022.

Crypto Fest 2022: Looking Up To Post-winter Opportunities

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