Aew’s Bobby Fish: I Would Go To War For Triple H

Aew’s Bobby Fish: I Would Go To War For Triple H – The March 16, 2022 episode of AEV Dynamite will be a special St. Patrick’s Day episode. It features a stacked card featuring two championship matches live from Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, Texas.

Wardlow challenges Scorpio Ski for the AEV TNT Championship. Dr. Britt Baker DMD defends the AEV Women’s Championship against Thunder Rose in a steel cage match. Meanwhile, Hangman’s Adam Page and Jurassic Express took on Adam Cole and Redragon in a six-man tag team match. The tea match will feature John Mockley and Brian Danielson.

Aew’s Bobby Fish: I Would Go To War For Triple H

Aew's Bobby Fish: I Would Go To War For Triple H

Jungle Boi and Cole start the match. Adam kicks out with a knee before JB reverses the whip. They run ropes from each other. Cole blocks an arm move before JB hits a tirade and a dropkick. Cole tags in and puts JB in an armbar. JB tags in Luchasaurus and drops everyone with a big arm shot. Fish rides Luchasaurus on his shoulder. Luchasaurus is nailed to the post.

A Catalog Of The Fishes Of The Island Of Formosa, Or Taiwan

Page bookmarks will appear after some time. A triangle lariat on Cole, a slam falvavi on Fish and a plancha on Cole and KOR before a lariat on Fish on the floor. Triple moonsaults from Paige, Luchasaurus and JB on the enemy. ReDragon surprises JB with Demolition Deacpitation. We broke break.

Aew's Bobby Fish: I Would Go To War For Triple H

JB hits a clothesline on Fish and knocks him out. Luchasaurus comes with a double suit. He made big shots on all three opponents one by one. Chokeslams on Fish and KOR gives them a two count. Luchasaurus hits a big uppercut. JB goes for a headlock on Luchasaurus’ shoulders, but KOR ducks and Cole hits a superkick on JB. KOR puts Luchasaurus in the kneebar. Paige comes in to make the save but gets caught in a guillotine by Asa and then Cole. Paige Cole tags in KOR to break up the submission move.

Back and forth action between Cole and Page. Everyone started participating in the big activity. Jungle Boi hits a Double Doomsday Tool on ReDragon. Paige and Luchasarus are sent to the floor. Jungle Boi tags in and ReDragon hits Cole with a double team backdrop before hitting the Lash Kick for the pin and the win.

Aew's Bobby Fish: I Would Go To War For Triple H

Aew Dynamite Live Results: New Year’s Smash

It’s Tony Schiavone with Keith Lee, Ricky Stark and Powerhouse Hobbs. Lee took down Max Custer in the Rampage. Stark warns Lee again not to show up at Rampage this Friday or he will be removed. Lee replied that it would be the same as Stark going down after punching Lee last week.

Bryan kicks him in the top of the neck. Moxley tags in for a suplex. Cut to Moxley before Bryan comes back for another punch. Moxley comes back and hits a knee to the face. Another quick tag follows until Utah breaks out of the armbar and hits an enziguri on Bryan. Taylor comes in and makes a quick move on Bryan. He took Moxley out of the apartment. Taylor puts a leg on Bryan. Moxley breaks the submission with a big uppercut.

Aew's Bobby Fish: I Would Go To War For Triple H

Bryan and Moxley take it back and keep the pressure on Taylor. Brian Moxley puts him in the Indian Deathlock before entering a short slam. Moxley hits a superplex for a two count. He put the hammer down to rest.

Fish Man Karate

Utah tags in and waits again, with an inverted atomic drop and enzigiri in a row. He counters Moxley hitting a bridge German suplex for a two count. Moxley shouted. Bryan hits a Utah Bulldog as Moxley grabs him. Taylor breaks up the pin before Moxley chokes him on the nose before flipping to the floor. Bryan landed some big shots on Utah who took it.

Aew's Bobby Fish: I Would Go To War For Triple H

Utah began to unload before Moxley entered. Moxley ate a big chop until Bryan and Moxley dropped Utah with some double combos. Utah gets out of the pin again. Bryan hits his signature punch to the face. Moxley tags in to put him in a bulldog choke for the submission.

After the match, Wheeler Utah returned to the ring and shook William Regal’s hand. Regal slaps him and tells him to leave the ring.

Aew's Bobby Fish: I Would Go To War For Triple H

All Elite Wrestling

FTR interview behind Tony Schiavone. Tully said firing Blanchard wasn’t easy, but stepped in after Blanchard lost the title. The young Bucks will go in and hire a manager who will make them better than the second best team in the AEV.

They cut back to the promo where the famous Starks and Hobbes get together and tell Keith Lee to take them out. Shane Strickland comes in and tells Stark that he’s going to make Rampen his home. Strickland left after some discussion. Custer said Strickland was a rapper.

Aew's Bobby Fish: I Would Go To War For Triple H

Reverend Jericho goes to the ring. Matt Lee sings the praises of Chris Jericho saying the crowd is chanting Judas to Jericho. He has no problem admitting that Jericho is better than him. Jeff Parker also said Jericho deserves credit. Jericho gets on the mic to say that we are lucky to be in the age of Chris Jericho and fight back against the hurtful things that have been written on social media.

Aew Double Or Nothing 2022: Results, Cm Punk Wins, Full Recap And Analysis

Jericho says he never respected the inner circle and called out Eddie Kingston for disrespecting him by pushing him. Jericho then says that the people in the ring appreciate him and that’s why he’s the Jericho Appreciation Society. He cannot be associated with the rest of the roster who are professional wrestlers. Wrestling fans cannot become famous or become millionaires because it is sports entertainment.

Aew's Bobby Fish: I Would Go To War For Triple H

Daniel Garcia gets on the mic and says that Jericho is standing here and calling himself a sports entertainer, which he will. Jericho recalled how he donated thousands of dollars to Garcia’s recovery after he suffered a car accident in 2019. He then said that he would give 2.0 his real names (something) Matt Minard and (something) Angelo Parker. . You will never hear the wrong name of the evil creator again. Finally, Jake Hager says that the only person he trusts is the Hand of the King. And so began a new era at AEV, the era of sports entertainment.

Skye starts with a side headbutt and Wardlow kicks to the side. Skye got up and kicked her leg. Wardlow picks him up and slams him into the other corner. After a few uppercuts, Wardlow slams Skye to the mat. The sky fell to the ground. Wardlow follows. Paige VanZant got her face, as did Austin Vanderford. VanZant and Vanderford kiss before Wardlow goes to powerbomb Vanderford. Skye saves him with a ground slide. We cut to a break as Wardlow hits a brace.

Aew's Bobby Fish: I Would Go To War For Triple H

Bobby Fish Officially Signs With Aew

Skye runs to her mouth as Wardlow tries to recover in the corner. Wardlow hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Skye threw it back. Skye drops face first on the ropes. Wardlow stops the chops and goes for a powerbomb. The sky backfires. Wardlow hits a chokeslam/spin. Wardlow hits a powerbomb to start a symphony of powerbombs. Dan Lambert hit a second and third powerbomb before distracting the ref and Wardlow.

The sky will roll to the floor. Wardlow goes to the floor for a powerbomb but is stopped after Shawn Spears goes up to the steel chair ramp. The referee stopped Spears. MJF slams Wardlow into the ring. The referee tags back in and Skye rolls up the school pin for the win.

Aew's Bobby Fish: I Would Go To War For Triple H

After the match, Vanderford and Sky pinned Wardlow until he wrestled. Wardlow has MJF in the corner, but Spears hits a chair in the back. More loss by ATT, Spears and MJF. Wardlow throws Spears and Spears hits another chair. MJF hands over money to Dan Lambert and leaves ATT. Wardlow comes back using the ropes. MJF is waiting for him with a dynamite diamond ring.

November Edition — American Carp Society

Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling were interviewed backstage. Jade said No. 30 is done waiting.

Aew's Bobby Fish: I Would Go To War For Triple H

Matt and Cassidy start the game. Private parties try to band together to defeat Matt, but Jeff steps in to save him. A double team move by Hardy follows. A combination of moon and foot pollution. Jeff jumped behind Mt. Quinn reverses and the individual now hits some double team moves. Cassidy backs Jeff into the ring and the referee is busy stopping Jeff. Private Party hit Matt in the ring to take our break.

Quen took over when we got back. Matt hits an uppercut on Cassidy on the floor, but Quinn hits him with a high hat. The doubles team is growing. Hardy breaks Cassidy’s leap with a side impact. Jeff gets the hot tag. Jeff hits a clothesline, inverted atomic drop, double leg drop for a two count. Russian leg side swing and pinch problem

Aew's Bobby Fish: I Would Go To War For Triple H

Aew Revolution 2022

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